Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CTMH Open House Tonight

Last evening I mentioned that I spent the day preparing for my open house today. Here's just a little sneak peak of the little display I've got laid out of items in the fall/winter 2011 CTMH catalog.

And here is the card project I'll have laid out for everyone who attends to work on. I've divided up the task into stations. A stamping station and assembly station. We're using August Stamp of the Month - Wicked.

Just a reminder, there is only two days left to get WICKED for just $5.00 with any CTMH order of $50.00 or more!

I'll have sign up sheets for upcoming workshops available and if you haven't sign up for my newsletter yet, please do so! The September newsletter will be coming out after Labor Day.

I'm so excited to invite you all to my open house for a fun filled night of games, crafting, and socializing with great friends. Oh and lets not forget good food.

If you'd like to attend my open house this evening and your n the Williamsport Area, please contact me for details.

I can't wait for tonight!
See you all later.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Prep Time For Tuesday

It's been one of those weekends that everything flashed by and It's Monday already. I almost feel as if I blinked and lost a day. I'm sure though, those who in the eye of hurrican Irene felt a whole lot different. I pray that you all made it through safetly.

I have several friends and family members who were in the midst of Irene and she didn't leave out our little town of Williamsport. We felt our first "after shock" earthquake terrible in my life time. I didn't feel a thing,but several family members and my husband Chad did.

The kids went back to school today and for those thinking, yeah when the kids go back to school I'll get more done. Well, not today. Not the first day of going back to school at least.

I'm working on preparing a tutorial for you for the notebooks I made the kiddos. Forgive me as I planned to finish that tutorial up this afternoon and post it, but I guess you can say Life threw some unexpected projects on my lap.

Instead, I worked on a "Thinking of You Card" for a friend who recently had a death in the family. I'll share that card on another day.

I spent the afternoon prepping for my OPEN HOUSE PARTY tomorrow night. I cleaned the house, put together a cute little card project using the "Wicked" stamp set, and managed to even throw in a load of laundry today.

I'll get the note book tutorial posted later this week. I promise.

If you're in the Williamsport area and would like to attend my open house tomorrow night, just contact me and I'll be happy to give you directions. I've got a lot of great prizes, snacks, and an awesome card making project of my own design planned for the evening.

However, for this evening, I'm exhausted so I'm calling it a night. See you tomorrow at my Open House CTMH Party.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boy's Notebook

Yesterday I showed you the Girls' Notebooks I made for back to school. Of course, I wouldn't dream of letting Boy out. So, here is the note book I made for him.

This one is definately not girly! And I couldn't resist adding that little tag on the side with hemp that says "UR Special" After all, Boy is stuck between two girls in the family. :)

The Boy's notebook cordinates perfectly with the note card from Friday's post. I'll be doing a tutorial tomorrow on how to create one of these cool note books for your own student.

You'll need these supplies:

1 Composition Notebook
2 sheets of Lucky B&T Duo Paper (X7137B)
Milepost Shapes (Z1464)
Natural Hemp (Z280)
Scrap piece of Colonial White Card Stock
Vintage Type My Acrylix Stamp Set (D1481)
(optional)  My Acrylix Typeset Workshop Stamp Set
Bonding Memories Glue (1512)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Notebooks Designed For Girls With An Attitude

I got a few composition notebooks at our local Wal-Mart while out school shopping with the kiddos last week. As a special surprise, I decided to glitz them up a bit and slip them into each of my three kids backpacks on the first day of school.

These are the two I made for the girls. My youngest daughter, whom we affectionately refer to as "Bug" loves playing with my stamps sets and she picked out this "Be Yourself" Stamp and Girly Girl stamp from one of my CTMH retired stamp sets.

So last night while they were sleeping, Mommy was up creating.

 Can you pick out which one is Bug's and which one is Bella's?

So this one is Bella's. This notebook is a little bit girly, a little bit wild, and has lots of attitude. Just like mia Bella.

I used Smoothie Card stock and B&T Duo Paper from the Roxie Collection. It's hard to see, but I added little glitter accents down the sides on the little rhinestone prints. I actually used three different stamp sets on this one. As you can see I used the rose stamp from the Roxie WOTG Exclusive Stamp Set, Instant Memories Stamp Set, and a retired stamp set of "Just Be Your Self."

I can't wait to see Bella's face when she spots this inside her backpack on Monday!!

This Note book is for my Bug. Classy, Girly, with a smidgen of that attitude going on. Her two favorite colors are green and pink. A lot of the CTMH products used to make this notebook covered are now retired. I love the cute little saying, "Be Yourself... Everyone else is already taken."

As a mother raising two girls, I think one of the most important things that girls need learn is to accept who they are. Bella's had a rough time over the years dealing with people judging her outward appearance before her surgeries, and at this delicate age she's just starting to blossom in knowing who she is.

Maybe these two notebooks are a little too sophisticated for a fourth grader and a preschooler, but I think their just perfect for celebrating my girls and who they are, and who they will become.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the special notebook I've designed just for Boy. He can't wait for school to start, and honestly, neither can I!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's Be Friends...

Going back to school is all about making new friends. This year the kiddos are anxiously anticpating seeing their friends after what has seemed like a long summer. Yet, while they may themselves in classes with the same friends, there will be new friends too.

I got inspired and made up a few of these "Let's Be Friends" Note Cards using the Lucky B&T Duo Papers, My Acrlix Typeset Workshop Stamp Set (G1024), and Milepost Shapes (Z1465) .

Are you ready for back to school?

I've got some other really great projects that'll I'll be sharing with you all over the next few days as we get ready to send our kiddos back to school for another year of learning.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Days Card

Last week's H2H Challenge was CASE (copy and share everything). Several cards by other talented card designers were pictured in order to pick a card of inspiration. I was immediately drawn to the second card by Brenda. "Follow Your Dreams".

Mostly, because I've been waiting for a project to inspire me to use this stamp set as a card and not just on the cover or inside pages of one of my books.

My husband just started a new job yesterday in a new career field and thought this would be both inspiring to him and encouraging. What do you think?

This card measures 3.5" x 8."
And I used Pondersa Pine, Colonial White, and Creme Brulee Card Stock.
The stamp set is Life's Good  D1495. I believe it is retired now.

We're getting ready for back to school this week and the kids and I have come with some really cute back to school projects to share with you.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

National Stamping Month

From now until September 30, 2011, you can get two stamps sets FREE!

What's the catch, right?

Well, when you place an order for $75.00 or more this month you'll get these two stamp sets (shown above) for FREE!

Isn't that cool?

Fabric Binding For Hard Cover Books

I was working on a custom order yesterday and thought I would share with the process of creating a fabric binding for hard cover books. This particular binding technic works for japanese style bindings.

First I cut my book board to the size needed for the book. Then I cut that piece into two pieces. I leave about 1.5" on bigger books for the binding and 1" on smaller books as seen in this photo below.

Next I take my strip of fabric and lay over the two pieces. I keep a small gap about 1/4" between the two pieces and I make sure wehn I attach the fabric I have enough overhang round the edges to attach in the back of the book board.

Once my fabric is adhered to the front side, I take a bone folder down my seam. This is where my book with hinge and open. Then I flip the cover over with the fabric facing down.

 Now I trim a little off the corners and with a little more adhesive I fold over the fabric and attach to the back of the cover, making sure to use a bone folder to mark the grove of the seam.

The next step is to take another piece of fabric over the back side of the cover, just like in step two on the front cover. I place down a strip of fabric and run my bone folder over the seam. Sometimes, I bend it at the seam to make sure it is going to open correctly.

After that, it's time to finish the front of the cover. I flip the book board back over and adhere my cover design. This particular example is using heavy weight printed card stock. The card stock, or even if you use fabric, should be cut 1.5" bigger on both sides than your actual coverage area.

Then I flip it over to the back. I cut the corners to make it fold easier.

I fold the sides toward the back and adhere.

Apply some more adhesive over the back after I've wrapped my cover around to the backside.

Then lastly, I attach another piece of card stock to the back side of the book cover over the edge of the fabric binding and covering all the edges of where I wrapped around the front cover.

And this is what the finished book cover looks like.

Now, I'll stick this cover into a press for several days to dry. In the meantime, I'm off to make the back cover of this book so it too can dry and be ready for the next step.

I get so excited during this process. I can't wait to show you the finished book as this cover is intended for a vintage wedding guest book.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Herd It's Your Birthday

Remember the fabr book from yesterday? I know you've seen the cover, so I wanted to take today and show you the finished book.

 Ribbon ties around a wire coil binding. Colors: blue, yellow, red, orange, and green.

 I stamped the inside pages with animals and barn.
And as you can see, I mixed red, blue, and green photo pages throughout the book.

Is this a farmtastic book or what?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Howdy Neightbors!

2Today I wanted to share with you a birthday guest book album I've been working on using the Lucky Paper Pack and Howdy Stamp Set through CTMH.

This cute little farm book is inspired from the Spring/Summer 2011 CTHM Catalog. Although, this example is using on the CTMH board books, I decided to make a cover of my own using the dessert sand paper and my own book board.

I've placed the video here, were you can watch and see how I design a variation of this farm inspired book.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bird Is The Word

8" x 8" soft cover
Tweet Guest Book in Blue
Inside pages say "Tweet...Tweet.."
Blue photo card stock pages in the back
tied with lime green cotton thread in traditional stab stitch four hold design.

Oriental Orange Wedding Guest Book Album

Congrats, Kristin and Christopher on your marriage today!

This beautiful soft cover guest book will become a keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Friday, August 12, 2011

So Hot I Adore You Card

Today, I wanted to show you this card I made for the H2H Challenge. This week's theme is "Hot" and boy has it been out around here, don't you think? (Yes, I'm talking about the weather. :p)

I went back to my Roxie collection papers and stamp set for this card project. Whenever I thought about the word "hot" it came to me as more of a "hot to trot" kind of theme rather then sweating in the summer sun.

Inside I stamped a sentiment, which just makes this card even more cuter, right?

To make this card you'll need the following Close To My Heart supplies:

Roxie Level 2 Paper Packet X7140B
I used:
Zebra Print B& T Duo
Smoothie Card Stock
Black Card Stock
Roxie WOTG My Acrylics (exclusive to the WOTG kit) G1025
Vintage Type My Acrylics stamp set D1481
Designer Rhinestone Brads Z1360
Black Hemp Cord Z282

Check back tomorrow as I'll be posting the tutorial on how to create this "hot" card.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Make and Take

So first of all, I want to apologize my first attempt at a tutorial video was a blunder. Honestly, I'm just too embarrassed to reveal it. But I promise, I'm working on some new project and will be zooming in my camera again for another attempt. After all, you only get better with practice right?

Today I wanted to show you this awesome card we'll be making at my August Gatherings. It's it just lovely? It comes from the Roxie collection.

So if you would like to book a gathering this month and make this beautiful card project with your friends, please contact me. I still have openings available.

And just a friendly reminder, that tonight is my online gathering over on my facebook page. So be sure to "like" me and come on over. Remember, if you place an order anytime today before midnight (there is no minimum order requirement), "Like" me on facebook, and stop in and say hello tonight between 7 -9pm eastern time, I'll send you the card kit FREE for this lovely card that you can make at home.

Invite a friend who does the same, and not only will they get the card too, but you'll receive an extra special surprise gift from me!

Can't wait to see you all later!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is It Back To School Already?

It's hard to believe the kiddo's will be heading back to school in just a couple of short weeks. Yikes!

Today, we skipped out of my little craft nook here in the house and headed out to the mall with both my girls. My son has been enjoying Tiger Cub Scout Camp this past week with his Dad. So it was nice to take the girls and get out for a while.

The Little League World Series is coming up next week, and if you live in Williamsport, PA or around the area then you understand what a big deal it is! Bella and her girlscout troop are marching in the parade next week. We had to get a white t-shirt and tan shorts for the march.
Hello Kitty Pink Glitter Ballet - 10.0 
Of course, both Girls found these glittery adorable shoes at Target today. Man, I wish they made glittery shoes like this for us big girls.

Bella even opted for a cute little striped plaid skirt for school, and Bug was happy with a pair of Dora sneakers to add to her shoe collection.

Next week, I'll have to take the boy out for shoes too and shopping too.

But until then, it's time to get back to crafting! 

See you all tomorrow, and don't forget about our online party from 7-9pm eastern time on my fan page at www.facebook.com/mrschadt!

Until later,

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Join Me For An Online Gathering

Hey Everybody!

I'd like to invite you all to my first online gathering this Thursday! Yep, this Thursday (August 11, 2011) from 7 - 9pm (Eastern Time) on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/mrschadt.  If you don't already "like" MRsCHADT please do, I love it if you would!

But what I would love even more is to see all you posting Thursday night. We'll play some fun word games and talk about Close To My Heart products, scrap booking, and card making. Please share your favorites and ideas.

And what party wouldn't be complete without prizes, right?

So, initially I invited only  my friends and family who didn't live nearby for a regular home gathering. Then I realized, wait you are all my friends and I want to invite all of you to this "open house" party.

If you'd like an official invite, just give me a holler in the comments below and I'll be happy to send you one.

And what are the rewards and prizes for stopping in online?

Okay, so here's how it works. Place an order between now and Thursday at 11:59pm Eastern Time either through EZ invite or my online shop and stop in and say hello on my facebook page during our online party and I'll send you this month's home gathering "make and take" card kit that is exclusive just from me.
(no minimum order requirement)

Invite a friend who does the same, and I'll send you a bonus gift, handmade from me.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to see you all Thursday night.

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PS Don't forget to add S1108a (Wicked - Stamp of the Month) to your order of $50 or more for just $5 and A1117 (Typeset A stamp set) for FREE!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom Gray and Gold Wedding Guest Book

Today I'd like to share with you a custom 8" x 10" hardbound guest book album.  This is the last of the gray and gold leaf patterned cover design I had available.
I added yellow ribbon four hole stab stitch binding to make the yellow stand out.

This book, we went with the standard name card on the lower right hand corner of the book.

 The inside pages are stamped with the floral swap stamp. on the top and bottom alternating pages.

I beautiful and elegant wedding guest book to be cherished in years to come, don't you think?

Studio J For The Digital Scrapbook Lover

Feeling overwhelmed after the honeymoon with all those photos and great memories to share? Maybe you work all day and don't have time in the evenings for regular scrap booking. Or Maybe you're a mom on the go, like I am.

That's why Close To My Heart has this amazing studio called Studio J. It's designed with all of you in mind. From the person with little time, beginner scrapbooker, new bride, new mother, and even down to your little brother or sister. It's simple layouts and designs help you place your photos and create beautiful layouts that come ready to slip into your precious scrapbook album.

Every year I create digital scrapbook pages for a family album that I give away as Christmas gift to my in-laws. If I can do it, so can you!

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. One of the best features about Studio J is that you can try it out absolutely FREE! So go on, take a few moments, load a few pictures, and see what designs you can create with in just a few minutes.

Click on Order 24/7  above in my tabs and choose the option on the left hand side that says Studio J Online Scrapbooking.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby Shower Advice Book & Photo Album in one!

It's more than just a guest book. This soft cover baby shower book has lots of space for best wishes and advice to the new parents. In the back, there are bright blue pages just waiting for all those wonderful pictures of this special occassion.

Like all my books, the photo pages are acid-free.

The inside pages are stamped with the bubble baby stamp on the top.

What a cute way to welcome a new baby into the world!

For the Wedding of Marie and Jeffrey Carder

This elegant Beige Bliss wedding guest book album is filled with unlined pages entitled "Family & Friends".

It's soft covers shimmer in the light with it's glittery gloss finish.

A subtle and beautiful edition to today's wedding ceremony for Marie Weeds and Jeffrey Carder.

May your marriage be blessed.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweetie Birthday Card

Tomorrow is Bug's (my youngest daughter) birthday! Happy Birthday Bug! I wanted to show you the cute little birthday card I made her using papers from CTMH Roxie collection and Roxie workshop stamp kit.

 I even created my own wrapping paper using the Roxie Workshop stamp to wrap her present. Isn't that super sweet?

She's such a girlie girl, and she's just turning 4!  She's just going to love this sweet card!

I'll be posting a video tutorial in a few days on how I made this sweetie birthday card. (My first video tutorial - can't wait to see how it comes out. )

In the mean time, here's a list of the supplies you'll need to make this sweet little card for the birthday girl in your life:

Roxie Level 2 Paper Packet (X7140B)
My Acrylix Roxie Workshop Stamp Set 
Rhinestone Designer Brads (Z1360)
CTMH Blush or Smoothie Card stock
Tulip Ink Pad (Z2166)
Juniper Ink Pad (Z2165)
Milepost Shapes (Z1614)
#4 cut from cardstock -( I used "Kate's ABC's" cartridge to cut this piece out using my cricut.)

Well, I'm off to celebrate my baby girl's birthday!

See you later!



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