Thursday, October 21, 2010

See How Easily You Can Keep Track of Your Mood

I say, "mood chart." You say, "No Way!"

Several years ago, that was the case when it came to filling out mood charts. It became a bad word in discussion forms and inside doctor's office. Why? The biggest complaint by those asked to fill one out - time.

Plain and simple. They took too much time.

We live in a world of fast food, convenient stores, and drive-thru pharmacies. Why then, can't we have a simpler way of keeping track of our moods?

Now we can. Thanks to three little numbers that mean so much more than what they are. Inside the Daily Mood Organizer, each day is a space for these numbers. That's it. Just THREE NUMBERS. I.A.M.

We use Daily Planners to keep track of our appointments, what we're having for dinner, who we need to call, and yet filling out a mood chart is something we bulk at. No blame there, having one more thing to do, fill out, or think about can be overwhelming.

However, for those suffering with any kind of depression, bipolar disorder, or mental disability, the information on those charts can help sustain a healthier and happier life.

I.A.M. -- three numbers. Irritability, Anxiety, and Mood. The I.A.M. Score (tm) developed from the idea of a mathematics and statistical point of view. That, and it's convenient. Three numbers. Just for you.

You no longer have to mark boxes on a chart and feel like your a case rather than a person. It's less self conscious of being depressed or manic rather than being who you are. And most important, it takes less than half the time of filling out a mood chart and still provides the same information in a simpler format.

Check it out. Find out for yourself how easy the I.A.M. Score (tm) makes it for you to keep track of your mood.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Waiting for the Proof

Things are getting sporadic around here, and I apologize. There is never a dull moment in this house. Right now, I've been waiting for the arrival of the 2011 Mood Organizer Proof. Yep, the second one. Once proved, second time guilty... nothing like that.

Really, it's been a busy, busy, time around here. The first proof copy wasn't up to par, so the adjustments were made and resubmitted, and I'm crossing my fingers the copy comes tomorrow or Saturday. So you see, I've been waiting for the proof.

But I haven't just been sitting all day waiting and doing nothing. Oh no, things are taking shape around here. Or they would if it would stop raining long enough to be able to do some work. The remodeling of my little studio workshop/laundry area is well underway, but the date of finish keeps moving back every day that it rains.

So... I've been designing and writing and creating new guest books and albums. Check them out at the shop. I've just finished a custom order for a wedding guest book. It's so cute! Pink with silver snowflakes! I love custom orders, and I love happy customers!

Talking about happy customers, You should be able to PREORDER the 2011 Mood Organizer starting Tuesday at my site I've got some pretty sweet deals right now on ebay for getting a two book deal between the 20011 mood organizer and journal or 2011 mood organizer and MRsCHADT's holiday planner.

Those deals too will be posted on the website. I'm just so excited to be able to offer the Mood Organizer again this year!

So, just like all of you... I'm waiting!

I'll keep you posted when it arrives.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Proof or Spoof?

I haven't disappeared. I promise. :)

The proof copy of the 2011 Mood Organizer arrived yesterday. Yippee!!

Unfortunately, some of the page layouts didn't come out how I hoped,  but not to worry. I've been working on them all afternoon and plan on finishing up the last minute revision in the next few days to clean up "spoofs" on the pages.

Good news, we're still on schedule and the Mood Organizer should be available before Halloween - as is my goal.

It's still buzz'n around here. Now Izzy has me working on Zhu Zhu pet outfits and accessories. Due to rain, cold weather, and cranky kids, I haven't gotten to work on my studio. But that's okay. Cold days just mean a hot cup of tea and time to write. What better thing to do with cranky kids then give them a nap, right?

If only all kids could be told to take a nap!

Thanks to my wonderful and talented brother-in-law, the build a book site is up and running. We'll probably update it in a few months once it starts to become more in use. For now, it has the basics to get you started on creating a custom guest book or photo album. You can try it out at:

If you don't have an esty nickname, no problem use your real name, I just need a name to create your custom listing. You will need to go through etsy for your custom book at this time, but Etsy is free to join, sort of like Ebay without the aution style. Everything at Etsy is like "buy it now" on Ebay.

To celebrate this new feature I'm giving 25% off this month to customers who choose to use the feature and help Beta test the page. There's no coupon, just anyone who request a custom book through my order request form at will automatically receive 25% off their listing at Etsy, from now until October 31st.

Well, it's that time again. The time when I get back to designing and revising.

Until next week, what do you like to do on cold rainy days?


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