Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tutorial: Valentines Card Part 4

Today's the last part of our Valentines' Card Tutorials with CTMH founder Jeanette Lynton. I hope this these past few weeks have inspired you in your card making. Don't forget to come out and vote on your favorite card this Firday at Pajama Factory from 5pm - 9pm in Williamsport, PA.

I'm so excited, I can't wait to see you all! And I'll also be revealing the new idea catalog that you can official purchase from tomorrow!! Whoo hooo!  (okay maybe a little too overly excited!)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Advice Card Album

 This year I've challenged myself to create some new designesd books. Something out of the box that starts the trend instead of me casing other styles. This is another another album, only unlike my tag albums this one holds advice cards.
 This particle baby advice card album holds 42 cards or the cards can be swapped for 3" x 4.5" photos.
I tied it up with shoe lace binding instead of the traditional stab stitch binding I've been using.  I'm thinking about trying this in a coptic binding too and adding more pages.

Isn't this a neat way to keep all those advice cards together?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt - Wedding

A simple, but elegant guest book, don't you think?

The card entries have been flittering in all month, and I'm so impressed and apprecative of all of your support, as well as I'm sure the Heller Family is too.

If you didn't send in your card yet, today is the last day to put it in the mail! So don't delay have your postal personal pick it up today!!

I'm taking off until next Tuesday in order to photograph and start hanging all of yoru beautiful cards up for display at next week's first friday event!!

Have an awesom weekend!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tutorial Valentine's Inspiration Part 3

Here is a cute idea for those Valentine's day treats that you and your kids can make together!

Still working on your card entry for the romance your card contest? Don't forget, entries must be post marked by January 25th!! (psst... that's TOMORROW!!)

Oh what a sweet treat! I can't wait to make these. How about you?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Framed Page Love Poem

A little while back, Bella and I spent a Saturday afternoon crafting up some Valentine cards. Each the kids wanted to participate in the ROMANCE YOUR CARD contest to help out their friend. Mind you, their cards will be displayed with the rest. My kiddo's cards won't be numbered for voting, but they will be sold as part of the auction fundraiser.

Bella's been really into anagram poetry lately. I asked her if she would write me a poem, since she was writing them for others at school, but she resonded, "You have to write your own."
So I did.

You can find the details of how to create this framed love poem HERE on my author website.

I used the following to create it:

* Orginal anaram poem by me printed out from Word.
* Milepost Shapes
* Roxie B & T Duo Paper
* Kraft paper 8.5" x 11" (cut to 8" x 10")
* $1 frame from the grocery store
* Rhinestones
* Baker's Twine

I've placed my lovely anogram love poem in a frame and set it in our dinning room, it actually goes quite well with the decor. You can create your own Anogram poem and frame it by doing the following:

1. Pick a word, like love, and write setences or words that begin with the letter or the word. So like LOVE. I used words L is Lepid, O is Obsessive, V is Volitent, and E is Everlasting. See how that works? Oh and Volitent = willing. Another new thing learned when I was trying to find words related to love for my anogram poem.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mini Kiss Favor

This is a little mini Kiss Favor Treat I created. I'm thinking that over the next few days I'll end up making about two dozen of these for one of the kids to hand out for class room valentines. 

And talking about valentines, just a reminder that the sign up deadline is drawing near for this month's workshop. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here.

Mini Kiss Favor Treat Recipe:

Art Philosophy Cartridge - Set size to 5" cut petal box shape and 2 3/4" heart tag shape.
I used baker's twine to tie my favor box together with tag, starting in February with the new idea book you will be able to purchase baker's twine! Got to love this stuff!
1 Hersey Kiss.

You can use any kind of CTMH designer paper, or even plain card stock. Can't wait to see how yours turned out, send me a pic and I'll share here on the blog!

Well the days are running short and there is only 8 more days to get your card entries in for the Romance Your Card Contest. Help me fill the wall with card for Pajama Factory First Friday on February 3, 2012. The more cards, the more proceeds go to the Heller family! Not to mention the cool prizes that you could win for participating!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

With Love Card

This is the last card design from the Roxie WOTG (G1025) kit this month. I'm working on some scrapbook layouts to show you next before we move onto some new designer papers.

With Love Card Recipe:

Roxie Designer Paper (X7140B)
Bling Assortment (Z1466)
Say It In Style Stamp Set (D1283)
3" Heart cut from Art Philosphy Cartridge
Milepost Shapes (Z1564)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Roxie Anniversary Card

When I first laid out all my supplies to create this card I was thinking of several different embellishments, but once I cut this from a scrap piece of paper I realized the print of the Roxie Designer paper looked beautiful on it's own. I used my SAY IT IN STYLE stamp set to say"Happy Anniversary" at the top of the card.

Sweet and Simple, don't you think?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

So In Love Greeting Card

One of the things I really like about the colored card stock from CTMH is that it's white paper in the center, so it  makes it easy to distress it. You can peel up a layer of the paper like I did here in this So In Love Greeting Card to create a unique effect on the texture of your card.

So In Love Greeting Card Recipe:

 7" x 10" Colonial White Card Stock
5" x 7" Black Card Stock
4" x 6" Plaid side of Roxie Designer Paper
2" x 4" Cheeta side of Roxie Designer Paper
Bling Assortment (Z1466)
Roxie WOTG Stamp Set (G1025)

Card creations are coming in and if you haven't already submited there's just 11 days left to Romance Your Card!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Rose Birthday Card

Both my sisters have birthday's this month. My one sister loves pink and what better for a girls' birthday then roses, right?  I can't wait to give her this Rose Birthday Card I made. (I'll share my other sister's birthday card soon!)

To make today's card, you'll need the following:
4" x 6", 1" x 4", 2.5" x 3 3/4" Roxie B& T Duo Paper
Say It In Style Stamp Set (D1283)
Card & Envelope (X254)
Roxie WOTG Stamp Set (G1025)

Only 12 more days to send in your Romance Your Card entries

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Retiring Items

2011-12 Close to my Heart Retiring List

Close to my Heart will be retiring these products on January 31st. Be sure to grab your favorites while you still can...

Click here and add your favorite item #s to your shopping cart.

Paper Collections
Typeset Workshop On The Go (WOTG) Kit – G1024 - $29.95
Roxie WOTG Kit – G1025 - $29.95
Elemental WOTG Kit – G1026 - $29.95
Dreamin’ L2 Paper – X7142B - $9.95
Dreamin’ My Stickease – X7142C - $4.95
Dreamin’ WOTG Kit – G1027 - $29.95
Sonoma WOTG Kit – G1028 - $29.95
Mischief L2 Paper – X7144B - $9.95
Mischief Compliment Rub-Ons – X7144C - $4.95
Mischief WOTG Kit – G1029 - $29.95
Believe L2 Paper – X7145B - $9.95
Believe My Stickease – X7145C - $4.95
Believe WOTG Kit – G1030 - $29.95
Wonderland L2 Paper – X7146B - $9.95
Wonderland My Stickease – X7146C - $4.95
Wonderland WOTG Kit – G1031 - $29.95
Sophia L2 Paper – X7131B - $12.95
Sophia My Stickease – X7131C - $4.95
Mayberry L2 Paper – X7136B - $12.95
Mayberry My Stickease – X7136C - $4.95
Lucky L2 Paper – X7137B - $12.95
Lucky My Stickease – X7137C - $4.95
Fanfare L2 Paper – X7138B - $12.95
Fanfare My Stickease – X7138C - $4.95

Stamp Sets
Trellis – D1451 - $17.95
Backgrounds & Borders – D1463 - $17.95
Dreams Come True – D1470 - $17.95
Summer Days – B1375 - $9.95
Love Ya – D1460 - $17.95
From My Heart – C1443 - $13.95
A Love – A1103 - $6.95
So Lucky – C1390 - $13.95
Circle of Love – D1438 - $17.95
Soul Mates – D1254 - $17.95
Bless This Nest – C1445 - $13.95
A Little Buzz – B1353 - $9.95
Beautiful Butterflies – B1373 - $9.95
Ambiance – C1349 - $13.95
Springtime – D1415 - $17.95
*A Hop – A1112 - $6.95
Take Luck – B1364 - $9.95
Enjoy Every Moment – C1395 - $13.95
Beloved – B1343 - $9.95
Bunny Love – B1324 - $9.95
Carefree – C1447 - $13.95
A Paisley – A1105 - $6.95
Always In My Heart – A1101 - $6.95
Charmed – C1385 - $13.95
Togetherness – D1402 - $17.95
One Of A Kind – D1410 - $17.95
Blooming Layers – C1449 - $13.95
A Posy – A1102 - $6.95
Extreme Happiness – C1356 - $13.95
Friendship Blessings – D1191 - $17.95
Flower Pot – D1409 - $17.95
Smiles – C1397 - $13.95
Happy Moments – C1437 - $13.95
His and Hers – C1460 - $13.95
Tasty Treats – D1427 - $17.95
You’re Sweet – B1351 - $9.95
Recipe Box – D1364 - $17.95
Bon Apetit – D1367 - $17.95
Daydream – D1297 - $17.95
*Makin’ Waves – C1365 - $13.95
Cruisin’ – D1471 - $17.95
Down By The Sea – C1451 - $13.95
True Happiness – D1365 - $17.95
Summer Breeze – C1453 - $13.95
Treetops – C1368 - $13.95
Let’s Go Camping – C1355 - $13.95
Beautiful Things – D1298 - $17.95
Campin’ Fever – D1353 - $17.95
*Beary Best – C1363 - $13.95
*Beary Busy – C1409 - $13.95
Howdy – D1435 - $17.95
You’re Great – D1434 - $17.95
Hot Diggity – C1407 - $13.95
It’s A Zoo – C1360 - $13.95
Fun Times – B1309 - $9.95
Love Birds – C1396 - $13.95
*Over The Rainbow – D1426 - $17.95
Post Card – Travel Series – D1357 - $17.95
Horizon – C1454 - $13.95
Ciao – D1461 - $17.95
Thrill Ride – D1425 - $17.95
Retro Tech – C1446 - $13.95
Around The Block – D1377 - $17.95
Family Ties – C1346 - $13.95
Family Ties – Children – C1345 - $13.95
Family Ties – Pet – B1350 - $9.95
Family – C1305 - $13.95
Play Day (old set) – D1360 - $17.95
Believe In Your Dreams – B1322 - $9.95
Ms. Scrapbook – B1352 - $9.95
Ms. Chillin’ – D1404 - $17.95
You Rock – D1346 - $17.95
Catching Waves – D1466 - $17.95
X-Treme – D1432 - $17.95
Hero – D1474 - $17.95
Star Power – D1403 - $17.95
Tea Time – C1438 - $13.95
*Little Princess – C1414 - $13.95
Birthday Boy – C1411 - $13.95
*Birthday Blast – C1436 - $13.95
Shining Star – D1320 - $17.95
Royal Birth – D1441 - $17.95
Cupcakes Sprinkles – D1336 - $17.95
Piece of Cake – D1407 - $17.95
Paisley Praise – D1414 - $17.95
Sweet Baby – C1359 - $13.95
*Baby Love – B1368 - $9.95
You Did It – C1351 - $13.95
Adoption – A1098 - $6.95
Precious Love – C1444 - $13.95
Love Always – D1337 - $17.95
A Game – A1113 - $6.95
Magic Tabs – C1448 - $13.95
Circle Together – B1372 - $9.95
Just For Boys – C1338 - $13.95
Just For Girls – C1337 - $13.95
Cherished Flourishes – D1413 - $17.95
Unity – C1422 - $13.95
Two-Step Backgrounds – D1473 - $17.95
On The Edge – C1399 - $13.95
Circle Around – D1300 - $17.95
Connections – D1330 - $17.95
Adorning Corners – D1322 - $17.95
Fill In The Blank – D1465 - $17.95
Priceless Love Word Puzzle – D1348 - $17.95
Kanji Phrases – C1339 - $13.95
Boom! – B1354 - $9.95
Just The Ticket – B1323 - $9.95
Salutation Seals – C1461 - $13.95
A Little Everything – D1408 - $17.95
*For Every Occasion – D1187 - $17.95
Thank You – D1361 - $17.95
*TLC – C1364 - $13.95
In The Month Of February – C1403 - $13.95
In The Month Of March – C1404 - $13.95
In The Month Of April – C1405 - $13.95
In The Month Of May – C1415 - $13.95
In The Month Of June – C1416 - $13.95
In The Month Of July – C1417 - $13.95
Notice The Details – D1378 - $17.95
On This Day – D1468 - $17.95
Happy Holidays – D1431 - $17.95
Dream Big – D1399 - $17.95

Colonial White Ribbon collection - Z1126 - $7.95
Cranberry grosgrain ribbon - Z1103 - $6.95
Cocoa grosgrain ribbon - Z1100 - $6.95
Colonial White grosgrain ribbon - Z1102 - $6.95
White Daisy grosgrain ribbon - Z270 - $6.95
Wings Level 2 Assortment - Z1398 - $4.95

Embroidery Floss - Red/Pink - Z1092 - $3.25
Embroidery Floss - Green - Z1094 - $3.25
Embroidery Floss - Blue/Purple - Z1093 - $3.25

Waxy Flax
Waxy Flax - Cranberry - Z1086 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Sorbet - Z1249 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Juniper - Z1248 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Crystal Blue - Z1247 - $3.95

Designer Brads - Colonial White - Z1274 - $3.95
Designer Brads - Pewter - Z1146 - $3.95
Mini-Medley & Eyelets
Mini Medley - Antiqued Copper - Z1275 - $4.95
Mini Medley - Colonial White - Z1276 - $4.95
Foundry Metal - Bookplates - Z1147 - $3.50
Soft Set Eyelet Tool - Z1208 - $14.95
Soft Set Eyelets - Black and White Daisy - Z1228 - $3.95
Soft Set Eyelets - Chocolate and Colonial White - Z1229 - $3.95

Coordinating Collection Embellishments
Midnight Felt Shapes - Z1462 - $3.95
Harvest Charms - Z1633 - $4.95
Holiday Packets - Z1486 - $4.95
Top Coats Icing Overlays - Z1468 - $4.95
Lucky Level 2 Assortment - Z1356 - $4.95
Lucky Level 2 Journaling Spots - Z1359 - $3.95
Bliss Level 2 Assortment - Z1355 - $5.95
Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment - Z1386 - $4.95
Fanfare Level 2 Assortment - Z1400 - $4.95
Just Blooms Spring Blossom - Z1266 - $7.95
Just Blooms White Daisy Variety Pack - Z1300 - $5.95

Color Ready Alphabets
Color Ready Alphabets - Oxford - X5749 - $3.95
Color Ready Alphabets - Hodge Podge - X1406 - $3.95

Dimensional Elements
Dimensional Elements - On Target - Z1226 - $5.95
Dimensional Elements - Flurry - Z1225 - $4.95

My Creations Items
My Creations - Board Book - Z1310 - $6.95
My Creations - Journal - Z1268 - $7.95
My Creations - Memory Showcase 9x9 - Z1198 - $5.95

Rubber Brayer - Z616 - $12.95
Soft Set Eyelet Tool - Z1208 - $14.95
Eyelet Tool Replacement Punches - Z1245 - $2.95

Click the photo below to start shopping for your favorite
(almost) retired items before they are gone...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So In Love Note Card

Doesn't this card just put you in the mood for a little romance? Note cards are the perfect size for slipping a little love note to that special someone, don't you think?

So In Love Note Card Recipe:

Card and Envelope (X254)
1 - 4" x 6" and 2" x 4" Roxie B&T Duo
Roxie WOTG My Acrylix Stamp Set (G1025)
Scrap piece of Colonial White Card Stock
Bling Assortment (included with Roxie WOTG) (Z1466)
2" circle punch (or you can trace your stamp around an ordinary soup can like I did. )

Only 15 more days to postmark your Romance Your Card entry!

To create this card

1. cut out a 2" circle. You can use a punch, or trace around a soup can as I did. :)
2. Stamp your circle using the heart stamp and "so in" and "Love" stamps from the Roxie WOTG Stamp Set.
3. Layer your 4" x 6" B & T Duo atop the front of your note card.
4. Next layer your 2" x 4" B & T Duo Paper and your stamped circle next.
5. Slip in a bling pin and attach bling button to your design.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tutorial: Valentine Inspiration Part 1

Today's tutorial begins a four part series from CTMH TV  to inspire you as you work on those romantic cards for the Romance Your Card Contest and other Valentine's day projects. I hope you have fun watching and learning!

I'm off to practice this fun stamping technique!

Stay tuned for part two next tuesday!

click here to shop now!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Heart Note Card

This month I'll be sharing a lot of card and a few scrapbook layouts using the Roxie Workshop On The Go Kit (G1025). Just a reminder, the new idea book goes live on February 1st, so even though you'll be able to purchase the Roxie paper packets, the Roxie WOTG kit will not be available after January 31st. You can order it here.

Two Heart Note Card Recipe:

Bitty Sparkles (Z1263)
Card and Envelope (X254)
1 - 3" Heart Shape (cut from Art Philosophy Cartridge)
1 - 2" Heart  Shape (cut from Art Philosophy Cartridge)
1 - 4" x 6" cut  Roxie B & T Duo Paper

Only 17 more days to mail your Romance Your Card entry! Can't wait to see them all!

Valentine Rose Card

Today's card recipe:

Roxie WOTG My Acrylic Stamp Set
Cranberry Ink Pad
Ponderosa Pink Ink Pad
Pink Ribbon
4 inch x 5.5 inch card with matching envelope
K & C Valentine Designer Paper

I can't wait to see all your valentine cards! Remember entries are being accepted for the Romance Your Card Contest now through January 25th!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Stamp of the Month

January Stamp of the Month

  Little Reminder (set of 25) #S1201

With a minimum qualifying purchase of $50, get your Stamp of the Month set for only $5.00!
Recommended Blocks:
1" × 3 1/2" (Y1002), 3" × 3" (Y1006), 2" × 3 1/2" (Y1009), 2" × 6 1/2" (Y1010)

Click here to start a blog hop where you can see TONS of great artwork using this stamp set.

Click here or contact me to order your own January stamp of the month.

Available January 1 - 31, 2011 only

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rock the Block

Rock the Block!

You can get an exclusive E-size stamp set and the My Creations® Collage Cubes for just $15 with your qualifying purchase through January 31st!

Join the craze! When you place a minimum order of $25 from the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book, you can get two new products for just $15: the My Creations® Collage Cubes (a Spring/Summer 2012 sneak-peek product!) and the exclusive My Acrylix® Rock the Block E-size stamp set. That’s a retail savings of almost $30! You're going to love the Collage Cubes and the Rock the Block stamp set, which work together for interactive, 3-D fun.

Check out the great video at the end of this newsletter for more details.

Click here to start shopping or contact me to place your order! 

*Offer valid December 19, 2011–January 31, 2012. Tax and shipping/handling apply. Some restrictions and exclusions apply. Only items available in the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book count toward your qualifying purchase total

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Studio J Members - Only Special

January is free layout month for StudioJ® members! For every 9 custom-printed Studio J layouts you buy, you’ll receive the 10th layout free. To receive the discount, just add 10 or more layouts to your cart. You’ll see a discount reflected in your order total. And you can totally take advantage of this promotion by ordering in multiples of 10. Buy 9, get 1 free. Buy 18, get 2 free. Buy 27, get 3 free. And so on! Ifyou’re not a member yet, now’s a great time to join!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Shower Advice Cards

 One of my husband's cousins are expecting a new baby in the first weeks of March. Since alot of the family members live at different distances, I created this advice cards using the Zoology Stamp Set.

Each card will be slipped in with invitations, that way the card can be sent back filled with advice if the guest can't attend the baby shower.  I used some beige marblized paper from my stack, but thinking these would also look cute on some colonial white with distressed edges too!

Of course, I'm working on the album to slip all these awesome cards in at the baby shower for the new mom to look back on later and hand down when the baby gets older!


February's Workshop

This month's Creative Club Workshop is a set of 12 valentine cards. I'll be holding this workshop on February 11th from 2 - 4pm in my studio. This is a family friendly workshop for kids and adults.

Come join me and create 12 small (2.5" x 3.5") valentine cards or cut them half to make a set of 24 classroom valentines.

Your kit will include :
 * 12 pre-scored cards (4 red, 4 black, 4 pink, and 4 white).
* A set of bitty rhinestones
*Several pre-stamped sheets of sayings and hearts
* 1 yard of red and white baker's twine 
* 1 yard of black & coca and white baker's twine.

If you attend the workshop, I'll have other miscellaneous embellishments and glitter glue available for use in addition to your kit.

Contact me for more information or to sign up for this month's class. Please contact me no later than January 25th if you would like to join us or order a kit.

Payment is due by January 25th. You can send me a check or pay online securely with your credit card account by using the PayPal "Buy It Now" button below.

Local Kits - No Shipping
# of Kits

Long Distance Kits
# of Kits

To find out more about my monthly no commitment Creative Club, click here.
You do not need to be local to participate.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Romance Your Card Contest

Two large hearts

Romance Your Card Contest

I’m holding a special card contest and want to see your never-before-published romantic cards. Proceeds from this contest will benefit a 10-year-old Delaney Heller who has been diagnosised with a diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) (a tumor located in the Pons, middle, of the brain stem).

I'll award the wiinner with a $100 gift certificate from Close To My Heart to purchase the latest card making products. Participants will also have the opportunity to win other prizes which include (and not excluded to) card making products, restaurant gift certificates, packaged candies, and more!!

How to Enter:

1.Create an original, never-before-published card with ROMANCE as the theme of your card. Card size may not exceed 5.5” x 8.5” nor be smaller than 2.5” x 2.75”.

2. On a seperate piece of paper include your name, address, daytime phone number, and email address.

3. Mail to:  Romance Your Card Contest, Studio 54, 1307 Park Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701.

4. Entries must be postmarked by January 25th. All entries will be judged during First Friday inside the Pajama Factory at 1307 Park Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701. Attendees will be given a voting card in which to choose their top three favorite cards. Winners will be determined by the number of votes received. Voting will be held from 5pm – 8:30pm on February 3, 2012. Multiple entries are permitted. The contest is open to all individuals in the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec).

5. Entries will not be returned. By submitting your entry to the Romance Your Card Contest you are also donating your artwork (card) to be auctioned off after the voting through eBay and other online sources for the benefit of 10-year-old Delaney Heller.

Entry Fee:

$2.00 per entry

Please make checks payable to: Susan Lower or write "Paypal" along with your contact information to recieve an invoice and pay online for multiple entries.

Official contest details can be found here.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Wedding Photobooth Tag Album

I had the privelage of whipping up this custom New Years wedding album in a rush order around Christmas this week.

As you can see by this first page, it's not any ordinary kind of wedding album.  This new years wedding album was design to hold poloraid photos and wish tree tags. Kinda of cool, uh?

I have to admit it was the first time using my sewing machine to stitch paper, but that is probably the coolest part to me on creating this book. The hardest part was making sure the photo pockets lined up so when I stitched the pages the tag pockets matched onthe front and back of the pages.

Along with this special new years wedding album I hand stamped six dozen wish tree tags and strung them with red and white baker's twine. I'm so excited that CTMH will be offering baker's twin in the new idea book coming out in February!

It's New Years Eve! Is the party at your house or are you ending somewhere to watch the ball drop?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I am so grateful for all of you who have helped my business grow this year. I am especially thankful for those of you who started out as my customers and quickly became my friends. Becoming a CTMH Consultant in 2011 has provided me with such wonderful opportunties to gain new friendships and challenge and stretch my creativity.
I began my crafting business many...many years ago, and have been amazed how much I've learned through the processes. I've played around with many mediums until I found my niche making books and cards. What can I say, I just love books, and I really appreciate all of you supporting me through out the years. I'm looking forward to the new adventures in paper craftng that awaits us in 2012, especially if the new 2012 spring/summer idea book is any indication. Then it's going to be awesome!
This month I have a special gift to thank those of you that place an order (of any size) with me. Anyone who places an online order, a Club order, or calls or emails me with an orderany time during the month of January, will receive a FREE package of Remarks Glitter Rub-Ons ($13.95 value).


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