Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buzz'n Like a Bee

We're getting close now to the release of the 2011 Mood Organizer. I'm currently working on some last minute revisions before the proof copy can be sent.

Of course, while working on that, I've been cutting and designing some new photo albums and guest books for inside our etsy shop.

Not to mention, I've started remodeling a space here in the house to designate for booking making, designing, and general, just my own studio space. Even if it is on the other side of the laundry room, it's still a good space to work in that is all my own.

Talking about new spaces, the website is making room as we speak for a new space or design feature. We live in this world where we can walk into Sheetz or and grab a MTO (Made To Order.)

I've been doing a lot of custom orders lately for the autograph guest book albums and shipping them to all parts of the world. I love it!

Just like I think you all will love the new feature of my website once it is complete. Soon, very soon, my friends you'll be able to custom design (MTO) your very own photo albums, guest books, and journals!

I'm excited. Are you excited! There's lots of exciting things going on around here.

Well, next week, we'll be back to the ol routine. For now, I've got revisions to make, books to design, and a space to organize.

What's your week been like?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Establishing Routines

So I'd like to say that every day I follow a routine, but let's face it - I'd be fooling you and me both.

Establishing routines are hard to develop, but like any habit take time to process and maintain. It takes about 21 days to develop a habit, so don't feel so bad if a routine takes that long or longer.

Last week, we discussed what routines were. Routines are getting up in the morning, daily tasks, and evening whine downs that end us up in bed getting the 8 hours or less of sleep we need each night.

I'd like to say my mornings are the most routine and organized of the day, but truthfully my afternoons are more dependable.

In the mornings, I get up write, send the kids off to school, then write some more. (or I'd like to try). but basically my mornings are filled with errands, household chores, book making, and so on.

Sound familiar?

So how do you establish a routine that works for you? Remember, the key word here is WORKS FOR YOU.

Start using a daily planner. Using a daily planner helps you go back and review what you've been doing, so you know what you need to do in the future. They're great for keeping us on task and for settling into new routines.

Keep lists of routines in a notebook or posted on walls around your house - little reminders if you're as forgetful as I am with all the things going on in your house.

Keep a family calender posted in a central location in the house. Doesn't sound like routine does it? But if you're house is high traffic with comings and goings this will help you establish a routine around what's going on in this particular season of your life.

If you had a perfect routine in mind, what would it look like?
Be realistic. I'm not super woman and neither are you.  But hey, if you've got an idea of your routine should be, then ask yourself how you're going to go about accomplishing that routine?

Look to the suggestions above, what do you think? Got a routine established or still working on it?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Basic Routines

Since the kids have now gone back to school, I thought this month we'd discuss developing, maintaining, and creating basic routines in our daily lives.

Then in October, we'll move onto habits. But for now, lets discuss routines. We all have them, in some way or another. Now that the new school year has began, we will be learning new routines in our daily schedules. Actually, each person in our family will be developing a new routine this year.

As the head of household, we must develop a routine around the other members of our home that fits each individuals  needs and still enables us to main our homes, social needs, and family needs.

I'm learning this too. This year, each child in our household is a year older. Each one of my children are endeavoring into new educational territory. For example I now have a 3rd grader, kindergartner, and a pre-schooler.

Lots of change, lots of adjusting, and how do I maintain this? Simple - I set a routine.

Setting a routine is not an all day affair. There are several routines in our lives that we used at different times in the year.

We have morning routines, afternoon routines, evening routines, and bedtime routines.

Then we have work routines.

Routines help us to pace ourselves and eliminate the stress of not knowing what to do next or how to handle a situation.

Soon, in school, children will learn classroom  routines, fire escape routines, and lunch time routines. The same goes inside our homes.

What routines do you have and how do they work best for you?


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