Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Slug Bug

For the past several days I have been infected by "the slug bug". That's what I like to call it, when you don't have enough energy to do anything, nor the ambition to want to do something, so you become a slug.

Other's may just call it the symptoms of the common cold. Fatigue, stuffy nose, head ache. Yep, all comes with the slug bug. But it has been great for writing these past few days. Too stuffed up to sleep, so I've been reading while my eyes will allow me, and writing when my mind isn't throbbing from a headache Because,as any parent of small children knows, rest and slumber during the day are just not possible.

I've managed to add two new chapters to the novel I'm working on and submit two new articles to my website. So all is not lost to the slug bug after all.

My oldest was sweet enough to offer to make me breakfast this morning, instead of the other way around, I was touched, and even though I couldn't phantom having an appetite I ate the bannana she gave me anyway.

It's nice to be taken care of some times. My oldest has even been trying every night for me to spend time on the wii fit just doing yoga or walking to keep active.

So until the slug bug passes, I shall stay warm, in good company of my kids, and await the burst of energy that comes when the common cold dispurst from my body.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hip To Be Fit

It has been seventeen days now since Christmas passed. I did'nt bother making any New Year's resolution. I didn't want to look back at the end of 2009 and depress myself by not reaching the goal. Alot of us do that, we set goals we are never able to attain.

I have one life goal yet I hope to accomplish, and it will take more than all of 2009 to fullfill it, but perhaps 2010 will be the year of completion. I talk of writing a book, but while that is still in progress. This year I'm simpling working on getting a little healthier, a little more fit, and a little more organized.

For Christmas, Santa was quite generous to us. The whole family got a Nintendo Wii. I got a Wii Fit. At first, I thought okay, it's just a game I'll play and pretend to exercise. Boy, was I wrong. I say it has been seventeen days since Christmas, because everyday I step onto my Wii Fit and do my Body Test. Wii Fit keeps track of my BMI, Weight, activities (game play), and time spent each day. It's become addicting. In a good way.

I've gone from being Obese to Overweight in those sevendays. That and with a little help from my health insurances' weight management program. To give you and idea of what shape I really am, I have lost about 7 lbs to date.

Whoo Wee.... the baby fat is finally starting to dwindle after three babies. It is actually energizing and refreshing to look at my chart each morning and see the changes I have been making. My kids don't realize they too are excersing and just not playing a game, but I won't tell them if you won't.

In all the snow and blistering cold temperatures it is nice to have a home gym at our disposal. Now, I have simply to just wait my turn.


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