Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Wine Tags

I've been such a busy bee lately and totally in the mood for this holiday season.

On a recent my mom and I crafted up these tags for wine bottles. You can also put them on bottles of olive oil.

Wine Tags Set of 2 * Tags * Soap * Christmas * New YearsWine Tags Set of 2 * Tags * Gift Tags * Soap Tag * Christmas * New Years

We created a variety of them that I have in the Cards and Tags section of the shop now.

I'm also going to be including one as a gift with purchases over $20 from now till the new year.

Do you get snow for Christmas? I'm so hoping we do. Just a little. :)

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Hot Cocoa Gift Packs

The kids will be getting out of school soon for their holiday vacation. Before they're off they like to give a little something special to their teachers and school bus drivers. I love this idea I found through Pintrest and have added my own little alterations to these Hot Cocoa Gift Pocket Cards.

We got carried away making them this past week and so they're are some available in the shop made up and ready to ship here. 

Due to the cost of shipping, you have your choice to receive them with or without the hot cocoa packet already in them.

6 Hot Cocoa Christmas Pocket Card Gift  Favor - Polka Dot

I can't wait for the kids to share these with teachers, school bus drivers, and even their friends.

They're even great for a little something to share with your co-workers anytime of the year.

It's getting close to Christmas, now, are you ready?

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

100 Ideas For You To Write In A Coupon Book

If you love the thought of giving someone a coupon book filled with personalized coupons but don't know what kinds of things you'd write in those coupons to give to family and friends, I've compiled  a list here of things you can do for someone to put on your coupons.

For Kids:
1. An extra hour of computer time
2. Two hours of video game time
3. Stay up an hour past bed time
4. Movie Night - You pick movie
5. Skip One Chore
6. Lunch with Mom (or Dad, or Grandparent)
7. Sleepover with Friend
8. Take Roller Skating
9. 1 hr Craft Time
10. Build A Snowman Together
11. You Pick the board game for Family Game Night
12. 30 minute read together time
13. 2 hour play date with up to three friends
14. Trip to the park for an afternoon
15. Breakfast for Dinner
16. No Chores for a day
17. Ice Cream Date
18. Trip to Toy Store ($ limit)
19. Book of Choice
20. One Chance for a Do-Over

For Girls:
1. Style Your Hair Fancy one morning before school
2. Manicure or Pedicure
3. Manicure and Pedicure
4. Trip to the Mall ($ limit)
5. Favorite Food for Lunch or Dinner
6. Bake Together - Your choice of Cake or cookies

For Boys:
1. One hour Lego building or Knex Time with parent
2. Overnight Camping
3. Paintball or rock climbing at local recreating center for one afternoon
4. 1 hour bike ride with parent
5. Choice of game, craft, or cooking time
6. Snowball fight

For Him:
1. One Car Wash
2. Pizza and a Movie
3. You pick the Movie
4. Cook your favorite meal for dinner
5. 30 minute massage
6. One time allowed to be late pass
7. Wash and Wax car
8. Clean inside of car
9. 20 Minute Back Rub
10. A cup of hot chocolate and a cuddle
11. Night In - Your Choice
12. Foot Massage
13. Mowed Lawn
14. One Evening of Total TV Control
15. 10 Minute Back Scratch
16. Weekend Get Away
17. Night Out with the Guys
18. Taking Out The Trash
19. Bear Hug
20. Novel (Book) of Your Choice

For Her:
1. Three hours of YOU time
2. 30 minute massage
3. Dinner is on me tonight
4. 1 hr massage
5. Clean inside of car
6. Wash your car
7. Watch Movie of choice with you
8. Dinner and A Movie
9. Trip to your favorite store ($ limit)
10. Babysit for an afternoon or evening
11. Do the Dishes
12. Wash and fold the laundry
13. One  Manicure  or Pedicure
14. Manicure and Pedicure
15. Breakfast in bed
16. Eat At Your Choice of Restaurant
17. Vacuum the house
18. Girls Night Out
19. Evening of Star Gazing
20. Novel (Book) of Your Choice

For Grandparents:
1. Bear Hug
2. 30 Minutes Garden Helper
3. Baked Good
4. Read You a Story
5. Tell Me a Story
6. Movie of Your Choice
7. Go For a Walk
8. Make Something Together
9. Picnic in the Back Yard
10. Tea for Two
11. Mow the Lawn
12. Shovel the Driveway or Sidewalk
13. One Household Chore
14. One Hour Coloring Time Together with Coloring Book or Coloring Pages
15. Homemade Dinner
16. Walk the Dog
17. Board or Card Game of Choice
18. Unlimited Hugs for the day
19. One Hour uninterrupted Nap Time
20. Special Treat

The list can go on and on. I hope this give you some great ideas on what kind of things you not only write inside the coupons for giving others, but an idea on what spending time together and how acts of service really are a gift to those who receive it.

If you have other ideas of what you can do as a gift for others to write on a coupon please feel free to share in the comments or on my facebook page!!

Coupon books are available in my shop and can be personalized.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Card Tag Gift Card Holders

I've been in a holly jolly mood this Christmas and I've been working on some new designs.
These are tag cards that I've added an extra piece to with tabs that you can slide a gift card inside.
There is still plenty of space to write on the inside  left flap of the card with your greetings and on the outside there is a place on many of them to write your "To and From".

They're great for those gift cards you're giving this season. They're designed so you can hang them on the tree, attach them to a gift, or just give them as a card.

I've already sold out of the red and green glittered ones and am working on getting some new ones made up again. I love the way these ice blue ones came out.

Snowflake Christmas Gift Card Holder Tags Set of 3 * Christmas Card * Tags * Gift Card Holder

I'm really excited about how these have turned out.

Tell me, is your holiday shopping all done yet?
Are gift cards on your list for giving this year?

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Personalized Coupon Books Holiday Designs 2015

It's that time again of not knowing what to give the person who has everything or wanting to give something that is little, but goes a long way.

This week I've added several new designs to my coupon books for the holidays. Including a new designed of Kraft coupons and instead of using 24 lb paper for the coupons, I've replaced the coupons with card stock.

You now have the option right when ordering for blank coupons or to have them personalized. And as always I'm happy to personalize the front cover with the receiver's name.

Here are a few of the new designs that are now available in the shop.

This is the HO HO print Coupon Books that you can find here in the shop. 

These ones are Christmas Present themed which can also be personalized inside to work for those December birthdays. You can check them out here. 

This snowflake print is also available in black and white. Not only for Christmas, but may Valentine's in the red print and also those winter birthdays. What do you think? It's available here.

If you're looking to stick them in stockings or give them this Christmas be sure to order before December 18th!

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