Thursday, June 10, 2010

Along Came Summer...

The past few weeks have been busy, and the next few weeks look to be even more hetic as the last.

Ah... Summer.. the time when - there is no

I must first appologize as the June newletter will not be going out this month, nor shall the July or August.

Yes, I'm taking a summer break. Again I applogize. But I promise the newletter will resume in September 2010.

For the next three months I will be working on the 2011 edition of the MOOD Organizer, attending conferences, family vacations, and continueing to make wonder book creations and memories with my children.

You may see the blog start to dwindle during this months too, I hope you all can understand.

I will be however... busy like a bee.. for the launch of the new 2011 MOOD ORGANIZER and posting a ton of new journaling ideas.

Don't forget to take those pictures, write down those special moments, and stop by every once in a while to let me know what you're up to on here or on our facebook page.

By fall I'm hoping to have a new line of flip album guest books, brag books, and journals available. I'll be keeping the shop updated over the summer, so feel free to stop in and browse.

Enjoy the summer. For unlike memories, these days shall not last. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Journaling Idea #4 - A Memorial to Someone You Love

Memorial Day is all about remembering those who have died for our country. We celebrate it by gathering together as a family, honoring those currently in the military, and creating family traditions. However, throughout our lives there is always just that one special person who we'll never forget.

Today's Journal idea is to write a memorial in honor of that special person in your life.  For me it was woman named Joanne, a dear friend, mentor, and co-worker who passed away in 2000 a few months before she would have danced at my wedding. Now, she's dancing in heaven.

Who was that special person who impacted your life? Why? and on what day do you miss them the most?


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