Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fabric Binding For Hard Cover Books

I was working on a custom order yesterday and thought I would share with the process of creating a fabric binding for hard cover books. This particular binding technic works for japanese style bindings.

First I cut my book board to the size needed for the book. Then I cut that piece into two pieces. I leave about 1.5" on bigger books for the binding and 1" on smaller books as seen in this photo below.

Next I take my strip of fabric and lay over the two pieces. I keep a small gap about 1/4" between the two pieces and I make sure wehn I attach the fabric I have enough overhang round the edges to attach in the back of the book board.

Once my fabric is adhered to the front side, I take a bone folder down my seam. This is where my book with hinge and open. Then I flip the cover over with the fabric facing down.

 Now I trim a little off the corners and with a little more adhesive I fold over the fabric and attach to the back of the cover, making sure to use a bone folder to mark the grove of the seam.

The next step is to take another piece of fabric over the back side of the cover, just like in step two on the front cover. I place down a strip of fabric and run my bone folder over the seam. Sometimes, I bend it at the seam to make sure it is going to open correctly.

After that, it's time to finish the front of the cover. I flip the book board back over and adhere my cover design. This particular example is using heavy weight printed card stock. The card stock, or even if you use fabric, should be cut 1.5" bigger on both sides than your actual coverage area.

Then I flip it over to the back. I cut the corners to make it fold easier.

I fold the sides toward the back and adhere.

Apply some more adhesive over the back after I've wrapped my cover around to the backside.

Then lastly, I attach another piece of card stock to the back side of the book cover over the edge of the fabric binding and covering all the edges of where I wrapped around the front cover.

And this is what the finished book cover looks like.

Now, I'll stick this cover into a press for several days to dry. In the meantime, I'm off to make the back cover of this book so it too can dry and be ready for the next step.

I get so excited during this process. I can't wait to show you the finished book as this cover is intended for a vintage wedding guest book.


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