Friday, March 27, 2015

Lunch Notes Are A Kid's Best Friend

I just finished reading the book In-Between by Jennie B. Jones. In the book, the main character is a teenage girl who is a foster child. She goes to live with her new foster family and on the first day of school she sits in a bathroom stall to eat the packed lunch her foster mother has prepared for her.

Inside that lunch, is a little note that tells her to have a great day.

Life as a mom can get really hetic, especially in the morning. Especially if you have more than one kiddo to get ready for the day in addition to packing lunches, finding backpacks, and sometimes searching for a misplaced shoe.

I'm so guilty of this. Sometimes, as I'm dropping kids off to school I forget to say "Have a great day, or even I love you."

It's hard and it's so simple.
But it means so much.

Years ago, our pastor's wife told me how she would write notes on napkins in her child's lunch. I did the same. My kids complained, but then if I forgot they'd come home from school and let me know they didn't get their note. Even though they didn't want to admit it, they look forward to it. It's still staying connected and giving your child some extra encouragement that they may need to carry on the rest of the day.

I think we all could use some of that. Not just in school, but in the work day as well.

We've all been there haven't we? There are just those days that drag or something happens that you can't wait for the day to end or wonder if anything worse could happen before the clock hits the appointed time to go home.

A few little words of encouragement can go a long ways to make it through the afternoon.

What better way to slip some hope into someone's day than a little note card with a handwritten "Have a great rest of the day." or "Looking forward to seeing you when you get home." to boost their moral.

These bright and cheery little note cards are available in my etsy shop now.  You can check out all the designs here, and more will continued to come.

They're 3 x 3 folded, and are the perfect size for slipping into a lunch. They're uplifting designs make them a keeper to hold onto throughout the day on a desk or in a locker.

What notes of encouragement do you tend to write to your loved ones to let them know your thinking of them throughout the day?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Operation Spring Cleaning

It's been a long winter. I've waited to pull down the plastic that adds an extra barrior between the cold outside and the walls within our home.  And even though it snowed on the first day of Spring, I'm ready to welcome it anyway.

My grandfather used to say that those few inches of snow in the spring were the "oinion snow" and that was good for blessing gardens. I hope he's right.

With spring also comes a long awaited goal for our family.

We've outgrown our home.

Over the years, our children have grown, my business has grown, and now Chad works from home. We've used up all the nooks and cranes of this house for desks, craft tables, and a growing family.
We knew we wouldn't stay in this house forever. It had been the best of the worst houses we'd seen those many years ago. We called it our "seven year" house.

It's been seven years.

While this home has served us well, holds memories for our family, it's time for us to move on to another stage in our life - including the upcoming teenage years of our children.

Thus begins Operation Spring Clean.

As I'm cleaning and decluttering a real estate agent is getting the sign ready and the paperwork prepared to list our home, while another agent searches for a home that will suit our families new needs.

I'm hoping for a new studio area, even one that opens my business up to more walk in communication with my customers. I've even graciously offered to share with Chad if need be so we can work together during the day.  I know, I'm such a giving wife.

I don't know where our next home will be, but I pray it is closer to our family - shortening the mileage and travel time we endure each year to stay connected with them - and I pray that a new family falls in love with our current home and is blessed by it as much as it has for us.

Today's mission to kick off Operation Spring Cleaning is three things:

1. Call a contractor to fix basement windows (the winter was not kind to them and we'd fix them anyway.)
2. Tackle Chad's office by decluttering the crates of text books and papers that have gotten strown all around over the winter.
3. Find the kid's easter baskets and prepare for the upcoming holiday.

I think three goals for today are enough.

Are you looking forward to this new season of spring?

If you would be so kind as to keep our family in your prayers through this transition, it is much appreciated,and if there is anyway I can be praying for you - please don't hesitate to let me know in the comment section below or email me.

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