Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meal Planning 101

One of the main compliants of most families is they get tired of eating the same thing over an over again. It's like getting your tires stuck in a rut and needing a little shove to get out. That's why most of the time I try to plan my meals ahead, at least by a week.

Once a week, usually on a wednesday, I sit down and figure out what's for supper for the next week. I pull out my cookbooks, take a look at what's going on that evening, and begin my meal planning.

Yesterday, an old friend of mine sent me a link, this month I may try it. This website promises to not only to cut my grocery bill each month in half, but to help organize and plan my meals according to where I shop, number of people I'm feeding, and type of diet.


I'll keep you posted next month on how it actually works out. As a mother, freelance writer, and not to forget - wife. I'm willing try anything new that might give me more time to spend with my family and cut my grocery bills, especially in today's economy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madness Monday

Mondays always seem to be madness in our house. It's like Saturday and Sunday aren't long enough then the alarm clock goes of and everyone is in a mad dash on Monday morning to get to the places they need to go. Husband to work, kids to school, then a trashed out to clean - left over from the weekend.

Yesterday's project of cleaning the house lead me to protecting those new laminate floors we just installed. I believe you can read the article from an earlier post. So, I spent the afternoon making felt chair floor protectors for my dining room chairs.

Being a crafty and innovated person, most of us housewives are, I was able to make these felt chair floor protectors for mere pennies, and so can you!!

Check out my article at ehow:


Through the madness of it all, there is progress on a monday. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bye Bye Hardwood, Hello Laminate

For the past two years I've treaded softly across our hardwood floors, but not in fear of scratching them. On the contrary it has been just the opposite, so that the floor would not scratch me. Two years later, too many splinters to count, I finally had it with our unfinished hardwood floors.

This past weekend it was new hardwood cherry laminate floors that graced my home, and I did it with the help of my family.

Check out my article and discover how cost effective and easy it is for you to do yourself.


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