Monday, March 28, 2011

The Design Process

I appologize for being absent these past few days.  Sometimes one must just go off and renew their creative thinking. Like attending a craft show as a shopper instead of a vendor.

This past weekend was the spring craft fair at a local high school. I can't say I can home empty handed, but was delighted to see all the new ideas and talents of others. I wish I had taken my camera just to give you all a glimpse of the show.

When I came home, I've been working on some custom order request. Pictured above is a design I've been working on the past day and a half of a customer. It wasn't until I stepped away from this for a while, that I was able to come back and combined the colors and theme.

Green, yellow, and red.
Butterflies and florish
Formal Wedding Style

Most designers have trays or boards they used when putting together elements of a design. I just lay them out on the table and like a puzzle it all comes together. Like this one.

What you see above will soon become a 8" x 8" hardback wedding guest book album with pale yellow fabric binding and yellow photo pages. The cover will be the green florish paper you see, and the pages will be white with a stamped design.

In the meantime, I've got other hardback covers in the press that will soon need binding, and another custom order to finish up by the end of the week.

I just love custom orders. It's all in the design process, don't you think?

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