Friday, March 11, 2011

Feathered Ribbon Pen Tutorial

Some secrets are meant to be shared. This one is a no brainer, or at least for someone crafty with a spool of ribbon, a glue gun, a feather,and a pen!

I'm always buying those packs of Bic pens  (affiliate) in the stationary aisle when I'm out shopping. As you may not know, I got through a lot of ink. When I'm not crafting I'm writing in journals, jotting down notes in my mini journals, or plainly working on writing a story.

These pens, however, are smooth and comfortable and add a little flare with the feather for writing. They're great for those special occasions and go nicely with any of my guest book albums or journals.

So do you make one?


You'll need: 1 Bic pen (or similar off brand pen)
                    ribbon (any size - but note the smaller the width the more it will take to cover the pen)
                    hot glue gun

Step 1:  You'll want to put a small bead of glue on the end of your pen.
Step 2: Take the end of your ribbon and attach to the bead of glue on the pen.
Step 3: Wrap Ribbon around pen. Put a spot of hot glue every once in a while to hold ribbon in place.
Step 4: Once you've wrapped your ribbon 3/4 of the way around the pen stop and glue your feather to the top.  (You may need to stripe the end of your feather a little so the center bone is clean for attachment)
Step 5: Proceed with wrapping your ribbon the rest of the way around the pen and around the feather.
Step 6: Cut Ribbon and glue end at top of pen.

Now your done!

Optional: Attach Rhinestones or other embellishments to pen for decoration.

so what do you think? easy?
Not for you? don't worry, I'll have a few in the shop along with the wooden pen holders.

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