Monday, March 7, 2011

What's The Perfect Size Guest Book?

Guest books come in a variety sizes, colors, and styles.

From big to little, the question I ponder most often is... what size is the perfect size for a guest book?

I have to admit, the smallest guest book I've ever made was 6" x 6" for a beach wedding in Ocean City, NJ. Yet, the largest I've made was a 10" x 12" custom order that was more of a photo album then a guest book.

I have to say though, I sell more 5.5" x 8.5" guest book albums then any other size.

But talking about sizes...

Is it the size that really counts?

I think so. When you're considering purchasing a guest book, size can mean a lot. It's like those perfect pair of shoes that you'll be wearing all day. It's has to be just the right fit. If it's not the right size, you'll be kicking off those shoes on those shoes before you get to the dance floor at the recieption.

Three key factors you should consider when purchasing or custom ordering a guest book are:

1. How will your guest sign it? Will it be passed around from person to person, or will it be laying open on a table?
2. Where will you put it after the big day is over? Do you intend for it to be a coffee table conversation piece or something you pull out amongst the photo albums on the book shelf?
3. What information will it hold?

Why are these things important?

Typically, a guest book that is 5.5" x 8.5" is easier to pass around amongst your guest then a larger one. Yet, any size will accomadate a table at the entrance of your event.

When it comes to the inside of a guest book, it can hold names and locations of your guests, or be open for their autographs and advice. You can add photo pages to make an extra special wedding album when your day is over, and even keep track of the gifts you open later after the honeymoon.  The amount of information and memories you plan on storing in your guest book will help determine the size.

Most often, a guest book album that is left out on the coffee table for a conversation piece tends to be smaller than say an album that you pull of the shelf and sit together. You know the kind, where the pages are so big the album covers both your laps while you reminence.
Just something to think about when choosing the perfect size guest book for your occassion.

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