Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Crinkle in the Process of Book Binding

I apologize for no post these past few days. As you can see I've been working on something new. I found this really unique beaded paper and thought it would look very nice as a book cover.

After putting together the book cover and setting it up for several days, the paper didn't press flat. Bummer!

You can see in the photo below how the paper gaps at the edges and has a ripple. My conclusion is because the paper was beaded the texture of the beads didn't allow it to press flat and so it didn't dry properly. :(

But even with the small gaps on the cover, I couldn't resist finding out how this book would look finished. So, I stitched it up and placed some inside pages in it. It's too fancy to place in my foyer, so I'm not sure yet what to do with it. It would have definitely been beautiful for a wedding! Perhaps I'll listed it at discount or maybe put it on Ebay.

What do you think?

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