Tuesday, March 8, 2011

May All Your Dreams Come True

Something blue just got more interesting with this golden rod blue bird guest book album!

From the glossy bird cover and this bird stamp (below) this book was inspired.

"May all your DREAMS come true." What a sweet saying for the front page of this guest book album. It's so versatile, for a wedding, bridal shower, graduation, even a retirement party. I like how the bird is in flight, because isn't that how we all are? When we're getting married, starting a new journey in our life, we're fluttering and taking flight toward a dream.

Beyond the dream of the front page of this guest book album, are the autograph pages stamped with this new floral design swag.
There's plenty of room between these stamped flowers for your guest to write advice, well wishes, and their name to create memories of your special day.

Unlike any of my other guest book albums, I took that last autograph page and did something extra special. This page is more of a transition from those special hand written notes to the photo card stock pages. So, I stamped it with the floral swag, then with the little snowflake flower stamp that leads us into the photo pages of the book.

As you can see the snowflake flowers then grace the photo pages and carry the floral theme throughout this book.

May All Your Dreams Come True!

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