Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Lifetime of Love Album Video

So I said I would show you my video of the A Lifetime of Love Album. First, however, let me give a little disclaimer.

Here is goes:

DISCLAIMER: This was MRsCHADT's first attempt in making a video of one of her creations. Therefore she gives no guarantee of the quality of this video.

Okay so now without any further ado... I present (drum roll....) A Lifetime of Love Album Video:

I'm actually quite proud of this first video. I know some of you aren't equally impressed, but like a child learning to walk, I feel like I've just taken my first step. I'm planning on making more videos of my creations. Since etsy only gives me five photos, I'm thinking a video show of each album linked in my description would be helpful to those viewing my books in the shop, don't you?

I've signed up for a class on making movies over at our local college, but if you have any suggestions of resources I can use to improve these video book previews I'd love to hear them.

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