Monday, January 31, 2011

Can You Add Pages to My Guest Book Album?

I recently had a customer contact me about adding some pages to one of my paperback guestbook albums.

Basically, this customer wanted to use the book for more than one baby shower for the same person. She went on to ask if I could add more pages to the book to accommodate all three gatherings.

Not surprised, as I've had this request before -- to add pages.

My answer:


The one thing I really like about Japanese Stab Stitch Books are the fact that they're made without glue. They're hand stitched, so in order for them to come apart you literally have to cut the binding. Which, of course, is no problem to cut and pull out the binding of a simple stab stitch in order to add more pages.

It requires having to realign the pages and drill the holes again, just so the new pages are marked, and then re-threading and stitching the book back together.

The number of pages that can be added are countless, just keeping in mind how thick you really want your book to come out.

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