Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Invitation RSVP

I had a bunch of scrap paper laying around and was playing around with a pattern I saw from over at Dawn's Stamping Thoughts.

Dawn's design, originally was for a gift card holder. I made a few of them and gave away to family at Christmas time. I got to thinking after I'd finished the album how neat it would be to use my photo rounder punch from FRISKER and make a unique invitation.

This is just a sample I came up with. I'll probably make another sample and perfect the pattern a little more. Basically inside, I stuck a card for all your information and replaced the "gift card" with a double sided card that serves as both an RSVP and a blank on back.

Since the two cards slide out of the middle section, one can slide in a combo of RSVP, Driving Directions, Save the Date, or photograph.

Their is multiple possibilities for creating a really neat invitation here. I'm planning on doing up some more samples. Thinking would be great for a tween or teen sleep over where the RSVP's could be handed back at school or put in lockers. I'll let you know what other designs I come up with.

What do you think? Theme? Inside card combo? You never know, I just might pick one of your suggestions to try. If I do, I'll send you six of the design for free!

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