Monday, January 17, 2011

Creating a Book Cover

I was feeling pretty crafty over the weekend, so I made up a bunch of book covers. That's usually how it starts for me. I know there's this cliche' that says, "never judge a book by it's cover". I don't...but I do get inspired by the cover first, then decided what goes into the pages.

Of course, I had some helping hands while I worked on these ones.

Basically when I make a cover for one of my albums or books, I start with a piece of chipboard or "book board" cut to size. These covers are 5.5" x 7.5".

Next, I choose my papers. I use one sided scrapbooking paper most of the time. On some occasions, I'm known to use newspaper, magazines, old calenders, and other recycled items on my covers, not excluding fabric. I tend to use a different print on the inside of the book cover then I do on the outside. I like the contrast.

After I've selected my papers and cut them to size, we begin the gluing. PVC glue, or just your ordinary Elmer's glue will due.

Like most bookbinding professionals will tell you, it's best to start with the front of your book cover and wrap the excess around the back. (tip: clip your corners, it's neater and folds nicer.)

Then I glue my second piece of paper on the back to complete the book cover. Of course, you have to do this twice, to have a front and back cover for your book. They don't necessarily have to be matching.

I made up quite a few this week. I'll be featuring each book as I complete them. Feel free to toss out some suggestions if any of the covers inspire you for the pages inside.

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