Friday, January 21, 2011

Amore Scrapbook Photo Memory Album Keepsake

My husband's side of the family is a Italian. This photo album was inspired by the word "amore" meaning love in the Italian language.

I had this cute blue cherub angel love paper from DSW and used a recycled orange bag for the netting. (a brilliant idea by my son.)

A lot of love went into the creation of this book, and a lot of little hands helped put it together.

I created a felt pouch for this album just like I did for the A Lifetime of Love Album.  Using some red fabric paint we decorated the felt pouch with this book's title Amore.

The inside of this book, look like this (in random order):

This one was also placed in my shop over at etsy. I'm working on make a video as I mentioned about doing for the A Lifetime of Love album, which I'll share with you in tomorrow's post.

My favorite feature of this album is actually the red netting on the front. As I mentioned, it is a recycled orange bag. When my oldest daughter asked what to do with the bag, I told her to throw it away. Bless my son for speaking up and saying, "But we can use it!" When I asked how or for what, he said, "On the book."

My oldest daughter loves the wooden beads we placed on a journal card that you can slip a photo down through the ribbon or write on. Of course, my youngest child loves all the sparkling rhinestones.

What's your favorite feature of this Amore album?

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