Friday, January 20, 2012

Framed Page Love Poem

A little while back, Bella and I spent a Saturday afternoon crafting up some Valentine cards. Each the kids wanted to participate in the ROMANCE YOUR CARD contest to help out their friend. Mind you, their cards will be displayed with the rest. My kiddo's cards won't be numbered for voting, but they will be sold as part of the auction fundraiser.

Bella's been really into anagram poetry lately. I asked her if she would write me a poem, since she was writing them for others at school, but she resonded, "You have to write your own."
So I did.

You can find the details of how to create this framed love poem HERE on my author website.

I used the following to create it:

* Orginal anaram poem by me printed out from Word.
* Milepost Shapes
* Roxie B & T Duo Paper
* Kraft paper 8.5" x 11" (cut to 8" x 10")
* $1 frame from the grocery store
* Rhinestones
* Baker's Twine

I've placed my lovely anogram love poem in a frame and set it in our dinning room, it actually goes quite well with the decor. You can create your own Anogram poem and frame it by doing the following:

1. Pick a word, like love, and write setences or words that begin with the letter or the word. So like LOVE. I used words L is Lepid, O is Obsessive, V is Volitent, and E is Everlasting. See how that works? Oh and Volitent = willing. Another new thing learned when I was trying to find words related to love for my anogram poem.


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