Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Stinks Autograph Guest Book Album

Isn't he cute?

I got this skunk paper in with a woodlands theme paper pack and just immediate thought: "LOVE STINKS" seeing him in red with the little heart on his chest.

It took me back to those Warner Brother's cartoons I used to watch growing up. You know the ones with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck? Well this skunk had me thinking of Pepe' La Pew. Poor little skunk who chased a cat and was desperately in love. sigh... love stinks.

I punched this album and laced it with white and silver 1/2" ribbon.

There are 48 signature pages made of sketch paper that I stamped with black hearts down each edge. These pages are thicker than a regular piece of copy paper and so you can use colored pencils or even markers for guests to draw, write notes, and leave signatures.

Also works well for journaling and keeping your own "book of firsts" this valentine's day.

In the back, you'll find twenty pages of black card stock (acid-free and lingign-free). I had a bunch of heart confetti from punching the A Love Like Ours Album and so I stuck these hearts at the corners of the pages.

I wanted to keep the inside black and white, with the cover being red. It also leaves the option of signing this book in red pen or marker.

I don't know about you, but I think love smells pretty sweet. Especially, when it comes to this album. :)

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