Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sock Match Making

If there is one thing that annoys me most when doing laundry is matching socks.

I almost feel like there there is this dreadful sock monster that comes in night and sorts through all the socks and takes the one that most appeals to him. It's never the dirty or worn socks. It's always the new ones that seem to pile up with out mates.

If socks could put out classifieds, they would probably say something like:

Freshly laundered, grey heeled, green striped gal, seeking her long lost sole mate. 

If only socks could really take out classified to find their match. Instead, I keeping waiting for the sock fairy to mysteriously appear and do the match making for me. But until then, I'll keep sorting, and piling, and holding onto socks without matches.

Eventually, after three rounds of laundry, I just give them a toss into the singles bag. After I've collected enough singles I give the bag away. There is always someone using unmatched socks for making or stuffing something.

If only every sock could find its match....sigh... then there would be no more cold toes.

Do you have some kind of match making method for your socks? What helps you keep them together?

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