Thursday, February 21, 2013

His and Her Lunch Boxes

Last weekend, while I was out doing my grocery shopping, I ran across these cute little lunch boxes by Sistma. Being the thrifty and frugal wife that I am, I do most of my shopping at our local Aldi's. They only had these two lunch boxes left.

What luck! One pink and one green. Definitely his and her lunch boxes.

Mr. Chad and I have been trying to be a little more healthy with our food choices, especially now that we are both "packers" in the opinion of the kiddos. There are three compartments. One large compartment for a sandwich  or in our case a salad, and two smaller compartments for some cut up fruit, chips, or sandwich wraps.

And look, the pink on my lunch box matches the pink lunch bag that Bug loaned me when I went to work full-time. I admit, we got it at a church rummage sale and she thought it was a purse for her toys, then we got it home and it was a lunch bag. So she said, "Here Momma, you can take your lunch to work in style."

Wasn't that so thoughtful?

Now, to find a bunch of lunch recipes and snacks for packing inside our his and her lunch boxes.

Mr. Chad loved the idea, now he always knows which lunch is his to take from the refrigerator. :)

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