Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Bride's Planning Checklist

The ring is on, the date has been set. Now, what's a bride to do?

It's time to make a planning checklist.
Six to Twelve months before the big day, a bride will need to do the following:

1. Set a budget. Sit down with your groom and work out together how much financial obligation each party is willing to take on to pay for your wedding.

2. Reserve your ceremony site and reception hall, so that they coordinate with your wedding date.

3. Interview wedding planners.

4. Choose an Officiant (pastor or justice of the peace) and confirm date and availability.

5. Arrange for premartial counseling or marriage preparation classes.  Most churches require this step whether you attend their church regularly or not. For new couples entering into the steps of matrimony, it really is a good idea to complete this step.

6. Decided on the number of guests. Begin to compile a tentative list of guests for your wedding day You may want to start this list from immediate family and friends and then branch out to distance cousins. This way, if you need to weed out the number of guests due to your budget factor or location factor (# of people allowed in building) you can start scratching from the bottom up.

7. Select a color scheme. The colors you choose should represent you and your groom. This will become a large factor in the rest of your decoration and even bridal attire decisions.

8. Bridal Party. Who will stand at the alter beside you and support you through this wedding day? Choose and invite friends and family to become a part of your wedding precession.

9. Dress Shopping. May or may not be your most favorite aspect of planning a wedding. This is where you grab your mother or best friend and head to the dress shops. This is the time you begin your search for your wedding gown and brides maids. Don't forget the mothers! Make sure you touch base with the your mother and his mother to talk about their dresses. This is a big day for them too!

10. Start seeking out the professionals. There is much that goes into this day. You can't do it all alone. It's time to think about the following aspects of hiring professionals in the following areas: music, flowers, photography, catering, cake, and invitations.

There are a lot of things here, but don't feel overwhelmed, we'll break them down, add simpler steps, and soon your wedding day will here. By staying organized, you'll be one relaxed bride ready to enjoy this momentous occasion.


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