Friday, July 15, 2011

How To Write Your Engagement Announcement

One of the most special things about your engagement, after the proposal, is your engagement annoucement.

And let's not forget the party!

Today, I want to share with you a series of questions in which you can use to create your engagement announcement. This will come in handy for newspapers and even save the date cards.

So pull out your wedding planner and jot this information down on a piece of paper.

My Fiance's name:
Where he lives:
His parents names:
Where his parents live:
Where we were when he asked me to marry him:
What he said to me:
What I said to him:
What I was wearing:
What he was wearing:
What we were doing:
How we told my parents:
What we said:
What they said:
How we told his parents:
What we said:
What they said:
How we told our friends:
What we said:
What they said:

Now make a list of newspapers in your town and his town that you want to send your engagement announcement to.

Use the information to compile you engagement announcement. For example, your engagement announcement might look something like this one from Brilliant Wedding Pages:

"Robert and Christine Dickran of Camarillo, CA announce the engagement of their daughter, Victoria Christine Dickran to Cameron Richard Tokay of Newbury Park, son of Richard and Pamela Tokay. The bride-to-be is a graduate of Rio Mesa High School and completed her undergraduate work at California State University, Fresno; MBA from California Lutheran University and attended Ventura College of Law.
The bride works for Transamerica Investment Management as a Compliance Manager. The groom-to be graduated from Thousand Oaks High School and started his own DJ business. Today he runs a successful full service event business ( that specializes in the life stages of individuals; from weddings, baby showers, anniversary parties and corporate events.
The couple met on and after many long conversations and adventures, the groom proposed on Christmas Eve in front of both families via carolers. The couples wedding is on April 23, 2011 at Wiggy Ranch in Ventura, CA. The couple plan to honeymoon in the Domician Republic and will be residing in Camarillo, CA."

For more sample engagement announcements check out your local newspapers or contact me and I'll be more than happy to help assist you in writing your engagement announcement.

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