Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pregnancy and Mommy Journals

I was quite impressed how yesterday's paperback book came out so well. I guess you could say I got carried away. My paper cutter is probably happy to have a breather after all the cutting and scoring I've done to create this last bunch of books.

I really like these 8 x 8 sized paperback journals. I've also been on a pink kick lately and have noticed that my shops are low on baby themed guest books.

I've always been one to journal, journal almost every day if I can. But I remember journaling through my pregnancies and even after my babies were born Chad bought me this "mommy journal". It was just a simple wire bound book with blank pages and it was divided into three sections on each page and each section had a place for a date. Inside this mommy journal you'd write things like miles stones, firsts (words, steps, etc...), and even funny things or just something your child did that day you wanted to remember.

I enjoy filling out that journal and alot of time I'd tape picture inside it too.

So when I created this last batch of paperback journals I decided to put photo pages in the back. I've officially named them "Journal Albums". 

With the sweet pink and nursery rhyme theme they'd make a wonderful mommy journal or even a pregnancy journal.  There's 100 pages for writing and between 14 and 20 pages for photos (each book varies due to book colors).

The photo above is the Strawberry covered Journal Album . It has pink writing pages and red photo pages.

Just like yesterday's paperback book, you could also use these journals as guest book. I left most of them blank, but stamped a few, like this floral one. I got carried away with flowers.

And I stamped this one with the cute little chic to match the little chic cover on the front

Can you imagine your little one reading this and looking at all the photos when they're ready to be parents?

And yes, for all you mothers of boys, I can create them with boy theme colors and prints too. :)

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