Monday, August 30, 2010

Preschool Prep 101

This month my youngest child turned three, so she's heading off to preschool this year. She should be quite a pro after tagging along to pick up her older brother and attending many a party and field trip during the past few years of her brother's preschool term.

Pro or not, it's still a transition for both of us. Not only will my little girl be entering a structured play and learn environment, but I, as mom, will now have that time to myself. Gosh, what to do right?

Well, first I have to get her there. It's all about the prep.

Since preschoolers are toddlers, they handle daily transitions differently than we do. They're still learning about routines, rituals, and expectations. has a great article called, "Easing a Toddler's Daily Transitions" to help prepare and coop with the changes that are about to happen in the next month.

You may also want to click over to Scholastic and check out this article on Terrific Transitions for helping your child handle transitions from preschool to dinner time.

The biggest part of preparing your preschooler for school, is transition. You may find that if your child already attends daycare that this transition is usually less dramatic for you and your preschooler.

So, is your preschooler ready for the first day?

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