Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colorful Accessories

These past few days have been filled with colorful explosions of creativity in our household. You'd think being crammed in the house together on rainy days that we wouldn't be so willing to work together. Or may it is the rain to blame for having to amuse children when they can't go outside and play.

Izzy, our oldest daughter decided to have some creativity of her own these past few days.

Since we've been going through and making list of things we need to buy, prepare, and accomplish before going back to school, she decided a few handmade bracelets and necklaces were at the top of her order before heading into third grade.

Some of the necklaces she reserved for friends and was nice enough to make her baby sister a few bracelets too.

When the day was over, the beads put away, both  my girls were looking pretty with their new plastic and wooden bead jewelry.

At Izzy's request I've posted some of her bracelet creations in my etsy shop. She's planning on make a few more today. Who knows if she'll decide to keep them or sell them too. She's become quite a little entrepreneur at this age. That or she just really wants the newest Pokemon game for DS and is anxious to get it before her birthday.

Either way, I'm happy to my daughter using her creative talents rather than having her face stuck in a Nintendo DS all day before school starts.

It's definitely been a colorful few days around here!

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