Thursday, September 2, 2010

Basic Routines

Since the kids have now gone back to school, I thought this month we'd discuss developing, maintaining, and creating basic routines in our daily lives.

Then in October, we'll move onto habits. But for now, lets discuss routines. We all have them, in some way or another. Now that the new school year has began, we will be learning new routines in our daily schedules. Actually, each person in our family will be developing a new routine this year.

As the head of household, we must develop a routine around the other members of our home that fits each individuals  needs and still enables us to main our homes, social needs, and family needs.

I'm learning this too. This year, each child in our household is a year older. Each one of my children are endeavoring into new educational territory. For example I now have a 3rd grader, kindergartner, and a pre-schooler.

Lots of change, lots of adjusting, and how do I maintain this? Simple - I set a routine.

Setting a routine is not an all day affair. There are several routines in our lives that we used at different times in the year.

We have morning routines, afternoon routines, evening routines, and bedtime routines.

Then we have work routines.

Routines help us to pace ourselves and eliminate the stress of not knowing what to do next or how to handle a situation.

Soon, in school, children will learn classroom  routines, fire escape routines, and lunch time routines. The same goes inside our homes.

What routines do you have and how do they work best for you?

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