Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Time to Teach - A Teacher's Guide to Getting Prepared for Back to School.

Nobody prepares harder or more in advance for the return of the school year than a teacher! Although, it might seem like they've been off on summer vacation all this time, truth is they've probably been planning and preparing for the next school year. Or if they haven't, they're about to start now.

The Organized Teacher: A Hands-On Guide to Setting Up and Running a Terrific ClassroomTeachers are the first people in the classroom every morning and the last to leave. They, too, have their homework set out for them and get limited time to go outside and play - if any.

So, how does a teacher prepare to get ready to go back into the classroom for another year?

They re-evaluate what worked and what didn't from the previous year, discuss new ideas and share topics with other teachers, clean up their classrooms, write up lesson plans, and set up class rules.

Sounds all too simple right? Well, actually it is. Planning, preparing, and executing all these tasks take a tremendous amount of time for a teacher. That's why in order for a teacher to prepare to go back to school for a time to teach, they've got basic needs just like the students do.

1. Grade Book. Yep, any good teacher knows you can't leave home without it. It's like the little black book everyone is dieing to see. Students grow pale in it's presence and many secretly devise ways of peeking inside when the teacher is least likely to suspect. And of course, all they really have to do is ask, "Mr. Smith can you tell me what my grade is so far this year?"

2. Desk Organizers. Any grade level teacher or professor will tell you the key to staying successful in your teaching efforts is to have a organized and clutter free desk. It doesn't set a good example to your students if they can't find their homework and neither can you on the stacks of disarray over top and around your desk area.

Homemade Simple has some great little craft projects to repurpose common household items like cereal boxes and soup cans to help a teacher stay organized this school year.  Psst... parents these little crafts make great teacher gifts too! You can find the link here to Repurposed Desk organizers.

3. Daily Planner.  Lets face it, teachers have lives outside of school just like their students do. A daily planner not only helps them keep track of what's going on inside the classroom, but on the outside as well. They can plan and prepare their days around tests, events, and themes.

4. Offical Pen. A pen becomes a teacher's best friend. A pen gives power to a teacher to not only correct a student's work, but to encourage them, inspire them, and persuade them to grow in their assignments. The type of pen a teacher uses, it's ink color, style, brand can say alot about a teacher's personality.

5. Tote Bag. A teacher's tote is as important as their wallet when it comes to carrying valuables. Stacked full of student homework assignments, grade book, and tests, a teacher never leaves home without their tote. In addition to papers they stachs their lunch and water bottles inside too!

A teacher is only as good as his/her tools,like a carpenter of trade.
For more resources for teachers preparing to go back into the classroom or entering the first time, check out the following articles full of great ideas and additional resources.

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If I've missed something, let me know. Teachers feel free to share in the comment section. :)

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