Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful For You All

I just wanted to post how much I appreciate you all and how thankful I am for all you. I love working with each and every one of you to customize your book designs according to your color schemes and event themes.

As many of you know, I began this business a few years ago as a way to contribute to the piling medical bills of my daughter Bella. I can't get over how much she, like my book business has grown in so little time. I love the process of creating handmade books. Just as much as I love meeting new people and working with all my customers to create designs that are especially for them.

When I make a book, it's more than just the colors of the cover and the inside pages, it's about the person, the couple, that the book is intended for that counts. I can't help squeezing something a little extra between the pages, and no dear friends we're not taking about paper. I mean the thought, the customization, the getting to know you and putting that little bit of my customer's personality into their creation.

I'm thankful for this talent that I have to share, for all of you whom have made my little business possible, and for your continous support to come throughout the new year.

God Bless
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

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