Friday, October 21, 2011

Mini Smash Book

 I've been hearing a ton about smash books lately. Apparently, EK Success has a blank version of a smash book out that you can buy and make your own. I decided to give it a try. I came to realize that I've been making "smash" books for quite some time and just hadn't been calling them that.

I used my Bind it All, a bunch of scraps from my paper bin, and CTMH Roxie Acrylic Stamp Set to make this one.

There are probably way to many photos here, but bear with me, I wanted to show you some samples of where I stamped and the different sizes of papers I used in this book.
I stamped a little too hard on the left page and got a smudge of CTMH Cocoa Ink. Ordinarily, I'd rip out the page because it wasn't perfect. However, because this is a smash book, it isn't ment to be perfect, so my mistake just may turn out to become part of something special.

These are a set of little half pages I put in. If you've ever got those paper stacks of cut up papers from a local scrapbook supply store, you've probably seen these or have some in your stash.

 Most of the pages in this book are 5 1/4" square. But you'll find some are 3" and 4" wide x 5 1/4" too. I used mainly pink and hot pink with a few ivory pages.
I have this habit on not being able to throw away left over scraps of ribbon and paper. Bug wanted to help, so I left her use my stamp sets and stamp out some roses, hearts, and other images that we cut out of white card stock. Then we took a handful of tags, embellishments, scrap ribbons, and stickers and stuck them in a little clear bag to cooridnate with our smash book. Bell added a fuzzy pen and asked if she could have it as a christmas exchange gift for one of her friends in girl scouts.

What a neat idea. Don't you think?

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