Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday Tutoiral: Roxie Gift Card Holder

Roxie Wallet Gift Card Holder Tutorial:


4 1/4" x 10.5" piece of B & T Duo Paper
3/4" x 6.5" piece of smoothie or desert sand card stock
1 designer brad
Tombow adhesive
Corner rounder punch
Piercing Tool kit

Let's get started!

You need to score you paper at: 3", 4 1/4", 5 1/2", and 8 1/2"
 Now here is the trick to this card holder. You want to fold your score lines in the center three folds first.
 Your going to press the middle fold in like this. Then apply adhesive on the three out edges. I use tombow adhesive. If you don't have some, you can get it here.

 As you can see, you now have a little flap in the center of your card. This is where we'll put our gift card. Optional: you can take your corner rounder punch and round off the edges of your card.
 Remember that little flap from above? You'll need to cut slit across it for your gift card. I used a pair of the kiddo's scissors and made mine scalloped.
As you can see my Studio J gift card fit in quite nicely. :)

The last thing you want to do is create your card band. You'll need your 3/4" x 6.5" strip of card stock. I used smoothie for this and a designer brad. Just wrap your card stock around the middle of your card, but make sure you leave a smidge of room on each side so the band can slide on and off easily. Then attach to the two ends of your band together using a designer brad. (HINT: You can punch a small hole using a piercing tool.)

I have to thank GinaK for this super idea. Isn't it just fabulous?

I can't wait to show you how to make the next one!

See ya later,

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