Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hats Off to You Halloween Card

I've been in a fall Halloween mood. Perhaps it was the kick off card for my open house that started it all, if not.. we'll still blame the card.  I couldn't resist stamping the black cat inside this unique flip card. I'll do a tutorial on it soon, I promise.

I used the WICKED stamp set, Black Card Stock, and AUTUMN TERRACOTTA card stock to make this card.

I've been super swamped with custom book orders this week. Yesterday, Bella needed a new lunch box, so we headed to Walmart after supper and I spent half the night packaging orders. Talk about being exhausted!

My plan is to finish the note book tutorial this weekend and put together some cute holiday/fall themed things for you all this week.

Bug goes to school on Tuesday, and I've recently secured my new space over at the Pajama Factory. I'm so excited! No more being shoved in the back corner of the basement!!

For all of you who love art and photography, First Friday is tomorrow at the Pajama Factory. It's free, It's fun, and you get to see a whole lot of wonder photography pieces by a lot of talented people. Hey, you might even see me there, as I do plan to attend. :)

I've a few more custom book orders calling my name this evening, see you later!!


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  1. Hi there

    Preparing cards at home is always wonderful and cheap




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