Sunday, February 21, 2010

Journaling Pens

Yesterday the kids and I engaged in a little creative outlet. Instead of playdough, we grabbed some polymer clay, Bic pens, and our imaginations. We spent much of the day rolling, shaping, and baking our masterpieces. Chad, my husband, was kind enough to help in the process of pulling out the ink part of the pens while we made them.

The pens pictured above are what we came up with. The marbeled ones were done by my son and the striped ones were by my oldest daughter. I'd like to say my youngest daughter had a hand too.  A hand in

After all, one must have a pen to write in their journal right?

This one is my favorite, but as you can see the "holder" part isnt deep enough so at the slightest touch the pen falls out. But as they say, "you live and you learn." Next time we'll know better to make that part a little taller by our lady bug on a leaf. Isn't the lady bug cute?

We were,,however, at least successful with this little rose pen holder and flowered pen set as you can see below.

Well, I'm all out of pens for now...

Don't forget to keep journaling!

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