Friday, February 12, 2010

Anniversary Book

From the website: Under the "Romantic Ideas for Married Couples" I came along this post
submitted by a woman named Lina.

"For our first month anniversary, I made my husband an Anniversary Book. I bought a blank, red, hardcover journal from a bookstore, and decorated it with a "Happy Anniversary" sticker as the title and a heart on the back cover. Inside, I made a title page (not forgetting to add a mock copyright page) and instructions to the book: every month, he and I would write each other a one-page love letter expressing something wonderful about the other person, whether it was something special they did that month, or whatever. He absolutely loves it, and added his own twist to it: he sneaks the book away when I'm not looking, writes a letter, and leaves the book somewhere in an unexpected surprise location. It's a great way to remind ourselves at least once a month how much we love each other; needless to say, we always look forward to our monthly anniversaries!"

As my 10th Wedding Anniversary is coming up soon, I thought this was a great idea to share.

Many of you who are married with busy jobs, and/or kids would be able to appreciate a Anniversary Book as described by Lina.

Often, my days consist of playing taxi, chef, housekeeper, and mom. Alot of times, I forget I'm a wife. Especially, when my husband is gone all day and when he comes home still has work to do. Our main communication consist of little snippets of emails throughout the day - that is if I have time to read and reply.

I'm thinking, however, an anniversary book just might be the perfect gift to begin a new decade of marriage.

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