Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Journaling Idea #2:Create a Sketch Book of Your life.

Last week, I joined up with a valentines swap, and I came across a group swaping journals. I've come across alot of journals swaps in past, mostly handmade journals being swapped by the creators with blank pages inside.

This particluar swap I came across requires you to "Sketch Your Life". For those who would prefer to draw than to write this can be a fun an different approach to journaling.

here are the suggestions the swap makes for sketching your life inside the journal, that you'd share through their swap, or just keep for yourself. 

1.Draw your breakfast. Talk about morning routine.

2.Draw your lunch. talk about who you eat lunch with.

3.Draw your dinner. Talk about your family.

4.Draw something you can't make it through a day without. Tell us why.

5.Draw something from your childhood. What memories do you have with it.

6.Draw what you are doing right now. Tell us about it.

7.Draw your favorite place you've been. Talk about why you enjoy it.

8.Draw a place you've never been but would love to go. Tell us what you would do there.

9.Draw a dessert. Share the recipe

10.Draw your foot. Talk about where they walk.

11.Draw your house, front door or in side you decide- Talk about home

12.Draw your favorite hobby- Why do you enjoy it.

13.Draw your purse, wallet and things inside- what do you carry.

14.Draw something related to your swap partners profile- write a letter to them.

15.Go somewhere new and draw there- What do you see.

16.Draw your favorite smell- Talk about it.

17.Draw five things you can touch from where you are- make a list of 15 things you can see, hear, taste, touch from where you are.

18.Draw a favorite fruit or vegetable. How do you like to eat them.

19.Draw something from a favorite movie- Why did you like the movie.

20.Draw a friend or family member or something that reminds you of them. Write about a memory with them

21.Do a page of doodles or zentangle.

22.What inspires you?

23.Draw a sound

24.Draw something related to a holiday. Write about why you like the holiday, what special traditions do you have.

25.Draw something related to Valentine's Day.

26.What can you see on your tv? What do you like to watch

27.What does the view look like outside of your window?

28.Draw your favorite outfit or piece of an outfit. When do you like to wear it?

29.Draw an animal stuffed or real.

30.Draw something that made you smile today. Why?

31.Draw something you have made.

32.Draw a project you are working on. Share how to make it.

33.Draw something you look forward to.

34.Draw something hot.

35.Draw something cold.

36.Draw why you get up in the morning.
Having all this prompts to draw, I thought of my oldest daughter, who'd rather draw me a picture than write a letter. I'm excited to share this project with her and see what she comes up with.  I may just make her a blank journal and place these drawing prompts on the pages for her to work on at her leisure. We'll see if I can share the pages when she's done. :)
If you'd like to check out this swap or become a part of it, you can find it at:  Sketch Art Journal Swap

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