Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Special Book for a special Great Grandmother

Every year for Christmas we visit both families, and always make it a point to drop in and visit Chad's grandmother.  This year, when I was trying to think of a special gift for my children's only living Great-Grandmother I thought of a book. 

Chad and I's philosphy is, and has always been, "You can't have too many books".
Last year, I made Great-Grandmother a shadow box with a picture of her great-grandchildren.

This years' gift is a memory album filled with bible verses, quotes, and poetry.

As you can see, this unique memory album enables you to open each new page to something new, like a window or opening a door to new discoveries.
 At the end, it closes on the last page with a bronze silk tied bow.

Not only does this memory album make a great gift for a great-grandmother, it's possibilities are endless.  Hmmm... maybe Mother's day too?

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