Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ways to Earn Cash Back While Shopping Online

The holiday season has a tendancy to clear out the last cent in our wallets, however, by shopping online you can not only avoid the crowds of black friday and last minute holiday shoppers, but take adantage of earning cash back, instant rebates, and rewards in addition to the perks of free shipping offered by many online merchants.

Here is a list of a few sites where you can SIGN UP for FREE and start earning cash back, instant rebates, and other types of rewards for shopping online all year round.

1. EBATES  This site list tons of shopping sites that give you instant cash back based on a percentage of the your total purchase price.  Checks are issued every quarter and can be deposited into your Paypal account, Bank account, or a paper check sent through the mail.  To date, I've saved over $100 using this site and have received my money right on time. :)

2. BING CASH BACK Get more BING for you buck through the popular search engine BING.  Create a new or use an exisiting MSN account to sign up for cash back.  It's easy, once you've signed up, search for specific products and you can earn up to $2500 a year in instant cash back savings!!  I've just recently stumbled over this site, but have already received 20% cash back on purchases.

3. MYPOINTS Although this site doesn't allow you to earn cash back, it does let you earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards to your favorite merchants like Target and Star Bucks.  You can earn points by reading emails, visiting merchant sites, taking surveys, and making purchases through participating merchants.  Personally, I save up all my points till around the holidays then cash in my points for gift cards that I then pass on to friends and family during the gift giving season.

4.  EBAY has started their own cash back program.  New and existing users and sign up and become eligible to earn cash back from purchases through this online auction site.  The cash back you earn will be sent in the form of a coupon to be used when making a purchase through eBay.  The usual amount is about 1% - 2% earned, but if you're searching for a bargain anyway, this might be the deal breaker that has you bidding.

While there appears to be many more sites online that offer the same incentives of earning cash back, I have not tried them all (there are too many) but would recommend these ones from past experience.

Check out my latest ehow article How To Earn Cash Back Shopping Online (Instant Rebates & Rewards).

My your days be filled with online savings and the blessing of giving to others this holiday season.

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