Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fisker Cutter Paper Tool Review

My paper cutter is probably my most used tool on my crafting table. I've had it a long time, like as old as my youngest child, who is in second grade now!

I love my cutter, but over the years, the numbers have started to fade. (Yeah - I've used it THAT much!)

Sadly, after all these years, the blade has gone dull, but hey 7 years of use is pretty good for a blade, wouldn't you say? But it doesn't do me much good trying to cut pages for inside my books and most the time now, they tear. When I want torn sheets, I tear them myself, not from my cutter though....

While onlines shopping during the Black Friday sales, I indulged myself in a tool this year. My husband encouraged me when I asked him if I should, he said, "Go for it" and I did.

I got a new Fisker's Paper Cutter.

I choose this one for a couple of reasons:

1. Self sharpening blade
2. Size - cuts 12 x 12 papers
3. Density - cuts up to 10 sheets at a time (although I usually only cut 5 so I haven't tested the full 10 pages yet)
4. Blade lock (with kiddos in the house getting into stuff when I turn my back for minute, this is a must)
5. The price. very reasonable.

You can see the new vs the old here on my crafting table.

While my new cutter doesn't have the second slide cutter like my old Purple Cow Cutter did, I honestly never used that second cutter so I'm not really not going to miss that extra feature I never used. 

Also, my old Purple cow had a metal paper holder there by the blade, my new Fisker's paper cutter has a plastic one, put it puts a tighter hold on the paper so you don't have to hold down as hard as the metal one.

And the feature I didn't realize it had and am really getting used to (in a good way) is the blade holds itself up. It used to be I had to lean forward so the blade handle would rest on my shoulder to hold it up while I rearranged my paper to cut, the new Fisker blade stays up one you push the blade up to position your paper. 

And so, after a week of cutting, I'm pretty pleased so far with the use of this cutter. 

Now to see if this cutter can last as long or out last my old one.

I got this cutter from Amazon.com, you can find it here.

Happy Crafting! I'm off to make some books. :)

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