Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Don't Forget to Feed the Reindeer.

Do your kids believe in Santa?

While we bake a cake each year on Christmas... a birthday cake for Christ's birth, we also enjoy the fun of Santa in our home.

While our older children have developed doubts of Santa's existance, our youngest fully is in belief.

And so it wouldn't be fair to leave cookies out for Santa, if we don't also feed the reindeer.

Bug made up these treat pouches, they're 100% edible so they're safe for animals and children.

The ideas for these came from the 12 days of Christmas over at ChicnScratch, you can find the video tutorial here on how to make them.

I used, green and red sprinkles along with clear sugar sprinkles in with the oatmeal mix.

As a special treat, whenever you make any purchase from my Etsy shop this month, you'll receive a packet of reindeer food as my gift.

I'm off to bake some Christmas cookies, how about you? Are you baking up something good today? 

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