Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Coupon Books Are Back

I've almost finished all my shopping, but there is always one or two on my list that either has everything or needs nothing. Do you know who I mean? Do you have someone like that, too?

Last year, I made up these Christmas Coupon books, I've since made up ones for Birthdays and Valentine's Day, they're great for just that kind of person on your list.

I've cut out and assembled some new designs for this year, keeping a few for those on my list, too.

There are 12 coupons in each book in three different colors. 4 red, 4 white, and 4 green.
My little Bug helped hand stamp the santa on the red, the candy cane on the white, and the present on the green. Each coupon is also perferated for easy tear out.

My husband surprised me last year and give me one of these for Christmas, even though I made it, he pulled it from my stash and personalized each coupon to last throughout the year!

Babysitting, Dinner, Lunch, Massage, mowing the grass, taking the kids to clubs, there are just some many things you can do for someone that may mean a lot to them.

If you'd like to make you're own, the tutorial for these comes from Split Coast Stampers, I've modified mine a bit, but you can find it here.

Or check out the ones I've got in the shop this month.

Don't forget, you'll receive a free gift with any purchase from the shop this month and orders over $50 receive free shipping with coupon code that you'll find below my shop banner here.

Did you check your list twice? Don't forget anyone!

Now, I'm off to write. That Christmas story won't type the words itself and I've got a fruitcake bride waiting for her groom. For updates on my latest book project don't forget to head over to my author site and stayed tuned. 

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