Monday, December 17, 2012

A Season of Hope

We've all heard about what happened in Newton, Connecticut. 

I for one, didn't believe it. It couldn't be possible.

I had to hear it twice on the radio, before it sunk in that not only was there another public shooting, this time it harmed small children. I was speechless. I still am.

As a mother of three elementary age children, my heart sank. And fear set in.

I listened more intently to KLOVE then I ever have before, and when they prayed. I prayed. And I'm still praying.

The world as we know it, will never be the same.

Back in 2007 after the shooting at Virginia Tech, I had fears. My husband is a teacher, a college professor, and what if that had been his college?

Now, that same fear struck me with my kids and their school.

I have to say, that after hearing President Obama's speech, that I gained a new respect for our president.

Friday, I tearfully embraced three children, happy to hold them in my arms. There are no words that can comfort the parents and family members effected by Friday's events. And like millions of others in our nation, my heart is broken.

There is a photo of a boy and his sister by a tree taken by the press, and another photo of that same boy being comforted by a woman (assuming this is his mother), and he will be forever burned in my memory.

And through everything that we are seeing and hearing on the media, I know there is hope.

Jesus came to bring us hope, joy, and love. There are those of us who may not be able to see it now, but the season is upon us.

Many heart filled prayers to Newton...

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