Monday, September 17, 2012

New Cover Designs

You may have noticed that recently I've added some new things to the shop. Mom's made some cards out of my scraps so I've added them for her. It keeps her occupied staying at home most of the time and some of them are pretty neat.

I've also added some new cover designs. Check these out!

I'll be adding some neutral and boy ones too in the following weeks.
I've decided to make a few changes in the shop that I hope everyone will like. I want to make my books more customizable for you all, so I have been listing the book covers with choice of inside pages. This way you create your own guest book and I just get the privilage of putting it all together for you to make the book that best suits you.

I'll still be listing some pre-mades in the shop and hopefully after the holidays I'll be able to get some new hardbounds in the shop as well.

I really appreciate all your patience these past few months as we've had to make adjustments here in the Lower household with Mr Chad being at home more and me having to go to work more outside the studio.


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