Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Journaling Idea #3 - It's all about your day

This week's journal tip comes from Journalbuddies.com.

This site has a lot of innovate journal ideas for children. Which has inspired me to post not only adult journal ideas, but to add a weekly KIDS IDEA post to the blog too.  I've also added their link to the side bar of this blog if  you'd like to jump over and check it out. :)

Thank you journalbuddies.com for today's inspiration.

Everyday can be an ordinary day, a creative day, or a special day in our lives.  But today's journal idea challenges you to rethink your day and compose it in 20 words or less.

Yep, think about your day and in twenty words or less describe your day in your journal this week.

Get creative! Instead of saying my day was was "Fine" look up and learn new words through a thesaurus. That "fine" day just might turn out to be a "beautiful", "outstanding", "rare", "not to shabby" day.  When we are able to use specific words to describe how we are feeling, events, and situations, it helps us and others (if we choose to share) relate better to our world. (It's an old writer's technique to keep readers involved into a story.)

This journal idea and challenge is also recommended and can be a lot of fun with a child.  Who knows you and your child may want to exchange journals and see how your day compares to theirs!

Have fun!

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