Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Memoirs of Mom

This morning I got up and looked at my calendar, not only was it still on April, but when I flipped it - Mothers' day is only a few days away!!

Wow where has the time gone!  No wonder my mom has been calling me these last few I haven't even started thinking about a gift yet (shh... don't tell my mom). :)

As I was sitting here thinking about my mom this morning it reminded me of the things that stood out most about her as I was growing up.  Things like how she always kept her kitchen neat and tidy, and still does. How we used to live in an old farm house while I was growing up.  My mom used to help milk the cows and send us off to school at the same time.

So I sat here making a list of all those things, that I remembered most about my mother. Then I composed them into a short little poem.

I'm thinking that poem would be perfect for the front pages of a blank journal, where my mom could open it up and read it, know how much I appreciate the things she's done for me over the years, and give her space to reflect, expand, and write the things that stand out most about raising me and my brothers and sisters that would create a memoir from our mother.

Today, that is my mission.  To compose this poem in its entirity, and craft a journal that is just for my mom.

I may have to throw a few pictures of the grandkids in there for good measure. :)  But I'm excited that mothers'day is soon here.

I'm looking forward to seeing why my own munchkins have in store for me in the days to come. 

What about you? What memories do you hold most dear of the things your mom has done for you?

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