Monday, January 11, 2010

Recipe Journal

Whenever I say "Mommy is making a book" my kids get excited, especially my four year old son. He loves helping me punch the holes and putting the book together. It gives him as much of a sense of accomplishment as it does me after designing it.

Over the weeked, inspired from an illistration in a library book, my son and I set out to make a new kind of journal - a recipe journal.

A recipe journal isn't just your ordinary cook book, it's so much more. The pages of a recipe journal consist not only of recipes, but is meant for you to include photos of your culinary creations, you and family members enjoying the preparation process, and the dinning process. 

Inside a recipe journal you can place food labels, beveravage labels, write notes, stories about family meals or special meals with a loved one that you can go back and remember years later.

A recipe journal can be passed down from generation to generation and shared at family gatherings.

If you love to cook, a recipe journal can allow you to record new food ideas, recipes gone wrong, and those that came out spectacular and how you did it.

Maybe your a food critic and you use your food journal for those dinning out meals, you can photograph them, and takes notes,and write your reiviews inside your journal.

If you're a travelor, a recipe journal can help you collect recipes of the foods you enjoyed while traveling, taking pictures of the places, people, and food that you sampled along the way.

The possiblities for creating a recipe journal are endless, what else can you think of placing in a recipe journal?

You can find out how to start your own reciepe journal by reading the article I wrote most recently.
How To Create a Recipe Journal.

I can't wait to hear and see your creations!

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