Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuscan Themed Customized Day Planner

She asked for it, and I created it.  Months ago, before Christmas, one of my sisters made the remark on facebook that she wanted me to make her a day planner.  Wouldn't you know it happened that I ended up with her name in the Christmas gift drawing.  So I went to work on creating excately what she asked for.

The day planner itself is constructed of a  "6 x "9 x 1" three ring binder.  The front and back were designed and covered with scrapbooking paper and covered with a plastic sleeve.
Inside the book I broke it into five sections:

Weekly Planner 

Grocery List

Food Journal
Address Book


Each page was designed specifically by me to match a tuscan theme.  Each week contains a small fact about Itailian culture - words,people, places, and wine making.  As you can see their is a consistant grape and wine theme flowing from one page to the other.

I'm currently working on an apple orchard theme for my mother, both the apple and the tuscan theme will be available soon in my etsy store.

I can happily say, my sister was thrilled and now enjoying her customized Tuscan Themed Day Planner, I guess this means I'll be designing another customized day planner soon for my other sister.  She too will want one after seeing this.  Oh what fun, with my sisters' birthdays less then a month a way, I'd better get busy!

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