Monday, January 13, 2014

Double Heart Wedding Guest Book

 I design a book like this a few years ago, you can see the design layout here.

This is custom order that I just loved creating this book. It really inspired me to get my creativity kicked back in gear again. I got some new papers designs from Jo Ann's over the holidays and was excited to pull out this dark purple and gray/ black paper design and create something so beautiful for this double hearts themed wedding.

I even took the scrap papers and created this card for the mother to put on her present to her daughter at the bridal shower and included a new tent style guest book sign to tie in with the brides' colors.

This is what it looks like laying out with the date and the couples names printed on the hearts. 
I stood it up so you could see it a little better, I'm sorry my photos are really great this time around. I'm working on getting my photo box set back up and my camera readjusted for cleaner shots. 

 This is a wire bound book, so I tied gray, purple, and black ribbon down the sides.

 This is what it looks like laying open for the guest to sign. One side is for the groom's side and one is for the bride's side, but it contains questions for the guest to answer on the pages like: I met Katie through James, I still laugh when I remember when Katie..., My best memory of James is...

Can you guess some of the other questions that went into this book?

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